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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by 2-8-2, Dec 11, 2006.

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    This is the part of doing a freelanced road that I'm enjoying the least. It's hard to find undecorated equipment in N scale. I also recently tried to print up a sign for my oil distributor, and it turned out horrible. Clearly my printer isn't up to the task of printing small signs. Here's a few questions:

    1) What kind of printer do I need to purchase to get good results? Specific models would be nice, but if you know specs (dots per inch) that would be more helpful.

    2) Has anyone used the services of a label making company, or dry transfer maker such as Rail Graphics?

    Note: My issue isn't with the software I'm using to design my logos to be printed. I'm using PhotoShop.
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    A good printer is probably your best, though I use a Lexmark IJ600.
    You may try setting, your print quality to 1200 dpm. and paper to photo/glossy.
    More info can be had in the Fall issue of the E-Mag.
    Just click the link in the Anouncement section at the top.
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    You should use a high quality ink jet printer to get the best results. I also use photoshop to make decals and I set the resolution of the document to 500 (I know that is a lot but try it) and that seems to help a lot too. It makes it soo much clearer and sharper.
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    I forgot to post my printer specs:

    HP Photosmart 7550
    - "Best" quality setting on normal paper = 1200x1200 dpi
    - "Photo" setting on photo paper = 4800x1200 dpi

    I'll have to try adjusting the settings in PhotoShop. It sure seems like I have the equipment to do this, but I'm not having much luck.
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    That did the trick!

    I started a new image, and made the resolution 600. I also optimized my printer for the highest quality photo printing, and the sign came out great! Thanks for the suggestion, Josh.

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    I've had dry transfers made by C-D-S, in Nepean, Ontario. Over the years, three different orders, as my railroads evolved. The second order was spurred by the discontinuance of many of Letraset's sheets when computer printing became more common, while the third batch included a lot of small data and specialized lettering. The cost isn't really all that bad if you do your own artwork, and it's possible to get quite a bit of lettering on a standard-size sheet. My latest sets will do at least 4 cars per sheet, or about $.50 per car. The last time I spoke with one of the owners, they were looking to sell the business, in order to retire. I don't know what their status is at present.

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    Glad it worked for ya :thumb: :thumb:

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