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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by WVRR, Feb 27, 2002.

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    Does anyone have any idea how you can tweak an older throttle to move a locomotive at slow speed. I have a TwinPower dual throttle pack and I can only make a loco move at about scale 20mph, I want to simulate a switcher which normally travels 5-10mph. Is there anything I can do to my throttle short of throwing it away?
    Please let me know.
  2. roryglasgow

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    I have a cheapo Life-Like power pack that came with a train set, and it started all of my locos at about 25-30 mph. But the cheapo power supply that came with a cheapo Mehano train set that I got for the Christmas tree makes them start out at nearly creeping speeds (actually, two of them do start out extremely slowly). Anyway, a better power supply should definitely improve your performance.

    Here is a link I found while rummaging around the web a few days ago that describes how to build your own throttle that features pulse power (for low speed operation) and even memory (so you can unplug your throttle control, walk to another "terminal" and plug it back in). It sounds fairly simple to build. I might give it a shot myself one day! :)

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    Well I might be telling my age but I'm familar with your TwinPower throttle/powerpack. Back when that pack was made most locos had open frame motors which required a higher starting voltage then todays can type motors. Consequently the rehostats were wound to produce a starting voltage of around 3-4 volts. Todays motors will start turning at 1 volt or less and of course the newer power packs take that into consideration. I don't think that there's much that you can do to lower that start voltage. But don't throw the pack away. It will be good to power lights and switch machines. Consider purchasing a new power pack. Even the low end models from MRC have execellent speed control. Hope this helped....Vic:)
  4. I have one of the Twin Power power packs that I have replaced with newer power packs. As mentioned, I use the old pack for other uses than throttle control because it just doesn't handle the new locos well.

    Invest in something new. You won't regret it.

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    Slow Switcher

    I have to agree with everyone here. The power supply plays an important role. However, you can experiment with resistors by creating voltage drops but keeping the same current to the loco. This slows it down. However, there are also motors regearing kits too.


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