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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by COlin_McLeod, Oct 7, 2004.

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    I like the shinohara points and wish to make them more "DCC friendly" by arRanging that the point blade is always at the same polarity as the adjancet stock rail. The blade rails are elcetrically linked at two positions. At the tie bar and at the hinge by a metal strip that is rivitted to the sleepers. Has anyone any tips for cutting these pieces of metal without adversly affecting the mechanical strength of the point? I am aware that I also need to make further cuts in the rails to electrically separate the frog from the blades.
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    What Bill did was remove the point stamping entirely and file/grind a point on a piece of rail. The rail then replaces the points needs a pivoting mechanism to whatever rail is left. (or pivot it on its own) If you attach them to the rails to the frog, you need to cut a gap and then wire the points to the stock rails. Also need a switch to power the frog.
    Oh, and a new tie bar for the mechanism.
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    David and Gary. Many thanks for your help. I'll study Gary's link and experiment to see how I get on. Thanks again. Colin

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