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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by jlg759, May 6, 2006.

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    I Have a question and hope someone can help. I have a 1 gallon jug of elmers white glue I want to mix it with water to make scenic cement like is used by woodland scenics the problem is how much should I thin it and get god results. I mixed the first batch half and half and it did not spray near as good as woodland scenics. Thanks
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    This may not be the definitive answer, but are you using a one gallon size sprayer? If so, that could be part of the problem-you may need a smaller sprayer that produces a finer mist.You can normally find these spray bottles in the ladies hair care product aisle at the local Rite-Aid. Also, when you add the water to the mix, make sure you use at warm to hot water as this helps to blend the two together.Make sure you shake it vigorously until FULLY mixed. Coldish water will make it congeal somewhat making an unsprayable "gloopy" mess. Along with that add a FEW {not too much} drops of dish detergent to help reduce the surface tension and promote mixing. I always have a seperate spray bottle of 70% rubbing alchohol that I mix with water 50/50% that I use in conjunction with glue/water/detergent mixture as that helps break down the surface tension even more. Like I said, this works for me, others may have other recipes. Any questions send me a line.

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    I mixed mine up in an 800ml spray bottle. Put in 100ml of glue, about 100ml of 50% Isopropylique Alcohol and then filled the bottle with water.
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    I am not mixing the whole gallon at a time I tried mixing 6 oz of glue with 6 oz of water. The spray did not come out as a mist like it does with the woodland scenic stuff.
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    I avoid the whole spraying problem by wetting the ballast/ground foam/whatever with straight isopropyl alcohol applied with an eydropper - the local dollar store has it in a 50% mix (the drug store variety is often 90%, which is fine, but it doesn't need to be that strong). Then I alsouse the eyedropper to apply a 50-50 mix of white glue. The advantage is if it is not mixed perfectly - it doesn't matter ;)

    I get my eyedropper from my kids' cough syrup - hold quite a bit more. I also found glue syringes (from also work really well.

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    I mix 1 part white glue with 1 part water, plus a few squirts of liquid detergent, to cement ballast.

    I mix 1 part white glue with 2 parts water, plus a few squirts of liquid detergent, to cement turf and bushes in place.

    If you want to get a spray that is the consistency of Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement, you need a 1:4 mix of glue and water. I have been told by knowledgeable sources that WS uses matte medium, not white glue. Try substituting matte medium for Elmer's white glue. It is more expensive but you will be more pleased with the result.

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