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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by fimdan, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. fimdan

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    Hi guys

    I have been recently playing with Rhino3D

    Here are some results of my work. Everything so far is developable (can be unrolled by Rhino ) Maybe some of you have more pictures of this plane (Yak 3) I need more detailed shots of the interior of the cockpit, especially the floor and the area behind the pilot seat. Help kindly appreciated.

    Hope you like it


    PS The future of this model is not certain, I may never finish it but it is fun to make it.

    Addition - You guys have so many different secitons in this forums, I was not sure where to put this post. Later I found different places with similar topics. Could this be combined somehow?
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  3. wunwinglow

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    -Fimdan, Ha Ha!! You da'man! RHINO! YES!!!!

    Sorry, got a bit carried away there.... Hi from another Rhinophile! I am at work just now, but I have some Yak stuff at home, I'll dig it out later tonight for you.

    Cracking start, look forward to seeing progress. And if you ever want to compare notes on Rhino, I'm all ears!

    Tim P
  4. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    Thank you for you kind words and links. The problem with pictures of airplane cockpits is that most people photograph only the front. I am sort of looking for the entire thing 'cause I want to make it as detailed as 1:33 scale and my skills allow.

    wunwinglow, so far Rhino has been a fine tool . To me ,it is intuitive, friendly, and it develops surfaces niecely.

    If you want to see other people designing with Rhino, stop by at There is a section there called "Tu projektuje i wykonuje" There are at least 4 projects going on, all in rhino, and one of them is at the "glue and paper" stage.

    Comparing notes, not a problem. I just cannot come up with any questions right now. If you have any, ask and I will try to help to the best of my ability.


    ARMORMAN Guest

    I've been working in Hash Animation Master and have found that it works quite nicely as well...

  6. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    Can Hash unroll surfaces?

    I will check it out

  7. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    A question for wunwinglow

    I was looking at some of the sites you have in your signature. I liked the one with ships
    Question is: Where did you get those polystyrene plastic sheets? I don't think they make them especially for models? Or am I wrong. It would a very interesting material to work with.



    ARMORMAN Guest

    I unfold it with pepakura....but hash spits it out as a .3ds or dxf quads, which is really handy.
  9. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    That makes sense.

    I think rhino can also export to dxf. If I remember correctly, I have even tried that once. I created a simple wing and try to unroll it. Pekura unrolled it, but one part of the wing was in 100 tiny pieces. You know how to prevent that from happening by any chance?


    ARMORMAN Guest

    I had the same problem with the Galaxy Rangers model I was working on.

    What I did was explode the model (separate it into individual the fuselage, engines, and wings), then I used the cut and do not cut feature in Pepakura to determine where the cuts should be and where they should not. I then unfolded it and tweaked it from there.
  11. You don't have a location in your profile. Wunwinglow is in Britain. If you're in the US, every model shop I've been in carries the sheets, likely most hobbystores worldwide have it. Often near their model railroad supplies. It's also available from many online stores.
    Should you live close to a polymer manufacturer you might be able to purchase leftovers and damaged pieces at cheap prices.
  12. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    Thanks for the hint how to get those sheets. I need to try them out when building some models. First I want to finish my "Yaky" plane. :)

    Location fixed, ty for reminding me about that.

  13. bwallaw

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    Evergreen Scale is a popular Styrene producer. They carry just about every shape and size you need. Model Railroad suppliers usually carry their inventory.

  14. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi Fimdan,

    looks like my collegues here beat me to the shot! The wonders of different time zones!

    Model shops certainly sell polystyrene sheet in a variety of thickness', usually from 10 thousands of an inch (0.25 mm) up to 80 thou ( 2 mm), but the sheets are usually A4 or letter size, or something close. Fine for small models, but a pain if you want something bigger. The place to go is a plastic sheet stock holder, someone who supplies the vacuum-forming industry. Make sure you ask for white, matt/matt rather than matt/gloss (finish on either side; the matt/gloss stuff tends to warp slightly) and you will be able to buy that in pieces up to 2 metres (7 feet or thereabouts) by 1 metre; maybe bigger! The price will astound you when you compare it with the hobby shop stuff! I bought 10 sheets of 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm and 5 sheet of 1.5mm and 2 mm thick, 1m by 2m, for less than £70 sterling, which will keep me im stock for years to come.

    If you are in a model club, why not combine an order with your club mates?

    Fellow Brits, I can post the supplier I got mine from, but Yellow Pages etc will turn up lots of possible suppliers.

    All I need now is an inkjet printer that will take 1 metre-wide material, 2mm thick......

    Tim P
  15. jrts

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    Hi all

    With regards to sheet materials.

    A good supply can be had at most builders merchants, who use it for insulation all sizes. Another material I have used is PHENOLIC foam insulation, It takes well to shapping and will acept all forms of glue and won't melt away like styrene sheet does with solvent based glues. Plus it does not burn no matter what you do with it.

    I have in the past made fly models complete out of the stuff for my kids to throw around.

    Just an idea


  16. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    Thanks again guys for the flood of responses.

    I have never looked closely into model clubs in here. I know there are some but these people do mostly RC stuff that I am not particularly thrilled about that (no offense to RC fans). It is too expensive for my location and I have no time. That's why I am with paper models.

    Currently I am trying to figure out how to make the rudder moveable in my yak. I tried one idea but it sucked.

    Today I am sort of taking a break. I decided to visit USS Intrepid and shoot some photos to augment my collection.

    Thanks again,


    ARMORMAN Guest

    how about making two separate pieces for the rudder (which is what you've probably done already) and hinging it with either sewing pins or a straightened paper clip?
  18. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Try using a strip of aluminium foil for the hinge. It allows the joints to move but will hold a "posed" position. They will "work harden" if bent too many times but this is an exception to the way in which most card models are handled. This method can be used on flasps, ailerons, rudder and horizonatl stabilizer with good effect. Copper foil is superior for this application as it does not "work harden" as readily as does aluminium.

    Best regards, Gil

    PS Aluminium tape can be used to make the hinges quickly and easily.
  19. jrts

    jrts Active Member


    Hi Fimdan try this idea.

    The photos below are of the Marscentre space shuttle tail.
    How it was done was with card hinges and it worked well as this model has had some battering of my kids and still works. Have a look at thier site for how they did it. it has two rudders on the same tail!!
  20. fimdan

    fimdan Member

    You guys are the best.

    Right now I am trying to recover from the headache I got while walking on the deck of USS Intrepid. Too much sun. I took about 150 pictures, enough to cover 50% of what they had there. Very nice experience overall.

    I like the idea with tape, Simple and durable. It worked well with the orbiter but I cannot have tape visible on the external surface of my model. I think there is a solution to that problem as well. Will try it tonight. Hinges were my first thought but after I had imported parts to Corel Draw, I realized that they would not be practical due to a very small size.

    Thanks for all the ideas.


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