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Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by tf34mech, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. tf34mech

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    I am building the Epson Tractor Rig and I am having trouble with the frame.
    Does anyone know any good techniques on constructing automotive type
    frames so that they are square and true?
    Shawn M
  2. rickstef

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    Can you post a picture of what you are talking about?
    I have built a few of the square tubing for different Epson Racing Team parts.

    Also, can you post a picture of the tool you use for scoring the fold lines, just curious

  3. tf34mech

    tf34mech Member

    I will try and post some pics if I can figure it out. I built the
    frame for the semi truck but it is not square and is twisted.
    I built it on a flat surface but it didnt stay true. I am using
    a small knitting needle to score the lines and seems to work good.
    I have used a ball point pen with no ink when in a pinch. I seen
    a build up article some where that used a jig of some sort.
    Thanks for the help.


    Try using a build board. Score and cut the frame box, then glue the corners of the frame box to a flat rigid board with tiny drops of white glue in the corners. Fold up and glue and let every thing dry completely, then cut it loosewith a knife blade.I made my board by glueing card stock to a partical board top from a discarded table. So of the ship modelers can give you more information as it is one of their basic techniques.
  5. tf34mech

    tf34mech Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I am also going to try putting formers in the frame
    rails so that they stay square.

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