Making crushed rock roads

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  1. I am currently making roads with a spackle base then sprinkling fine medium gray ballast on top pressing it in, then spraying with wet water and putting more ballast on top. I figure to just trim the road when the spackle dries and either paint the edges or use foliage to even out the roadside. Anyone done this? And is there a better way?

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  2. Matthyro

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    That's a good way to do it FM.
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    I have made gravel roads in a similar fashion. First, I sprinkled some fine sand over where the road was to go, and evened it out with a painters pallette knife (Pallette knives are very cheap at art supply stores and very useful). Then I misted the road with soapy water from a spray bottle. next, i dribbled on a white glue/water/dish soap mixture (the same stuff as for ballast). I added successive layers of sand and glue until I got good coverage, then smoothed the surface with the pallette knife. While the road was still wet, I very gently dragged the head of a screw along the road to simulate tire ruts. If the road is wet enough, the ruts will smooth out a bit, leaving a natural, rounded appearance.

    i am happy with the way my road came out, but I may decide to weather it a bit in the future.

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    As with ballasting the tracks, I would secure your gravel with some 50/50 water-white glue after the wet-water mist to make sure it stays in place...

    BTW, I like the multi-coloured ground cover - good to see something other than the usual green expanse :D


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