Making ballast stay.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by jhoban, Jul 25, 2005.

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    I know this is mention here somewhere. I saw it a while back, but cant seem to find it now that I need it. I am laying the ballast and gonna put the glue water mixture on top. Do I go half glue, half water? That and if someone knows where the topic was, that would be appreciated too.
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    I am sure that "search" will turn up more information than you'd ever care to read...! ;)

    In short, this is what I do...

    1) Run glue along each side (slope) of the roadbed. I use cork.

    2) Put your ballast in place with a spoon/brush/other tool. The glue on the sides of the cork prevents the ballast from getting away.

    3) Wet the ballast with alcohol. I use a 50% isopropyl straight from the bottle (it is from the dollar store). I use a kids' medicine dropper to put the alcohol on. I find this works better than trying to spray.

    4) Put on the glue/water mix. 50/50 is about right. Because the ballast is already wetted with the alcohol, the glue mix flows right in. I also use the dropper for this.

    5) Let dry. Clean tools, including dropper.

    6) Scrape away any misplaced ballast with a fine screwdriver or other tool.

    Hope that helps.

  3. jhoban

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    I did a search, and didnt find the topic I know I saw. Sure enough though, I found it shortly after posting. I was missing the alcohal part, thank you very much.

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