Making a wood fence

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by shamus, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. shamus

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    I have often been asked where did I buy my fences from, my reply has always been “I scratchbuilt them” So I thought I might share with you all how I make them.
    I use 1/16” square for the main stringers, and stripwood for the struts. Contact adhesive is used to glue it all together, here in the UK it’s called “EVO-STICK” or “BOSTICK” White wood glue is not recommended because it will take far too long to go off. With contact adhesive, it takes 2 minuets to adhere.
    Photo “A” shows a finished and weathered fence.
    Photo “B” shows a partly made fence and the wood needed to make another.
    Photo “C” shows that I cut the stripwood down the middle for the struts.
    Photo “D” shows the start of the fence.
    Photo “E” the completed fence.

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    It's interesting that you posted this when you did, because I've been contemplating how to make some fences for the past couple of days... Thanks for the tips!


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