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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Bowdenja, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Bowdenja

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    Has anyone tried 'the print your own decals' thing on any card models? I know that this system is used mostly in the plastic world, but I was wondering if it would work for card models too. Just currious.


  2. Gil

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    Waterslide decals work on paper. The paper needs to be sealed against moisture. A couple of coats of acrylic matte sealer works. Lightly spray to seal the decal after it dries completely. A problem with decals is they will stand out as a glossy surface if they aren't matted down. If you are making your own make sure to use an acrylic matte spray to seal the inkjet ink and allow to thouroughly dry before application (don't use a gloss sealer). Trim the decals as closely to the graphic outline as possible before sliding on to the target surface.

  3. lunarhighway

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    yes and no i guess :wink:
    I did this once to convert en avia to greek makings (see my galery) altough not on "real" decal paper. the original model was "blank" and came with optional separate markings plus the pdf was locked so that was the only way to go. I used very thin normal paper stuck on after building with thinned PVA glue, and with some more thinned glue on top and along the edges. came out looking quite nice, you can hardly see they're glued on separate. the only problem with this is that the panel lines where hidden so they had to be drawn on the paper again. presonally i prefer "virtual" decaling before i print, even when the markings span two or more parts it's still quite easy to do with a little care. it's one of the things that makes paper modeling exiting for me... the fact you can paint every little detail down to the smallest markings before you build

    if you're painting your models however, real decals should work i think, if the surface is glossy and you don't use to much water.

    and than there are also dry transfers...they should work to in some cases

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