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    Hi There,

    i browse internet and find this cool technics from japanese modeler but he make it for his plastic model diomara. im thinking that u can use this technics with your papermodel diorama too, below is picture of finished flare's diorama


    and this is how to make (original article can find at but it is in Japanese language, i use babel fish to translate)

    Production of the flare which is discharged from the fuselage is explained.
    The in the first place flare the missile of the infrared ray pursuit type which is approached to the fuselage
    (To disturb) sensor such as Sidewinder, pursuit the そ and others
    With intended ones which it does, concrete the illumination which gives out the powerful infrared ray
    It is something like the discernment bullet. In case of Su-22, it adds to the body
    To be discharged from 4 dispensers which are done, スモー of white
    ク 曳 く is visual feature in the rear.

    First, the standard pin jack whichshowsin Fig.1 as a material is prepared,


    It increased. The acrylic stick which is 3 millimeters in diameter to that in suitable length
    Cutting, like the negative driver it shaves one side. (Fig.2)


    To disassemble the aforementioned pin, the acrylic sticklike Fig.3 the plier


    Tightening with the ど, it locks.
    To prepare the changing sphere of the mini- magnetic light/write next in the one for illuminant, for wiring
    It procures also the thin enameled wire.This timeit shows in Fig.4


    To disassemble the motor for the sea urchin model, from the core this enameled wire
    You inserted in the hand. This soldering to lead wire of light bulb
    It does. (Fig.5)


    Way the lead wire is put to the advanced part of the acrylic of Fig.3, the light bulb
    It locks, glues. (Fig.6)


    Like Fig.7 the light bulb part coating is done with プラリペア.
    As for this when with thermal measure at the time of light bulb illumination, it covers also this part with low
    Because it dissolves, is. In addition, really the solvent of プラリペア
    Evaporating, because you could not use, the remaining powder epoxy connection
    Mixing into the arrival medicine, it is substitute.
    It melts low, with the writing brush paints in the acrylic stick and piles up, the smoke seems


    If shape is arranged, the flare is completion. (Fig.8)


    If you insert in the based jack lastly, it is completion of set


    some japanese text can not translate and i can not guess what is it mean too but picture will make u understand how it made.

    dont forget for original article can be find at
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    Really nice effect..., some of the multi-color LEDs are useful for lighting effects especially the orange for turbine engine illumination effect. Red and Green for navigaition lights and white flashing for strobes. They're incredibly effective. I was thinking of doing a design to make sound and lighting effects for models. Anyone inetested after seeing this?

    Best regards, Gil

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