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    While waiting for paper to arrive for a Maine style house/store, I decided to build a small garage similar to some I've seen while traveling in Maine. The ones I liked were small, single vehicle and set off from the house. I used a book about Maine coastal structures and atmosphere that was first given to me years ago by a fellow two foot gauge modeller, Jim Pasquale, and have paged through the book when inspiration was needed. The book, "The Coast of Maine" by Chamberlain is wonderful and educational. The plans/ sketch are drawn freehand and are in no way intended to be a professional representation of any particular garage but what I think my garage should be for use on the modules presently under construction. I will be posting the construction pics and the finished garage, if anything in this hobby is ever finished, in the scratchin & bashin forum. Thanks for looking and feel free to comment.

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    Thanks for adding this! Similar structures can be found all over North America - and probably beyond. On difference I have noticed for my area (southern/eastern Ontario) is that the roofs around here are not generally as steep and would not tend to have a second story/attic space.


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