Magic The Gather Deck Box

Discussion in 'Free Models' started by leofirebrand, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. leofirebrand

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  2. Zathros

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    Those are really nice!! You really have some talent there. I do not possess that kind of graphics capability. I do CAD, that's about it. These are wonderful. I could really see my wife wanting some of these. I might have to make one for her "Nook". :)
  3. arkon

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    those look great , me n the kids and some freinds play. will they fit a sleeved 60 card deck?
  4. leofirebrand

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    They are not sized for sleeves sadly. They are designed to hold 75 cards (60+15 card sideboard) un-sleeved. You could always scale the image up but the problem I had was the image became larger than a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and I wanted to make the design with as few seams as possible for aethetics. If you know of a signage printer in your area they can probably print some scaled ones on a plotter for you. Just make sure you use as close to 110pd card stock as possible.

  5. Rhaven Blaack

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    These look absolutely AMAZING!!!
    You did a FANTASTIC job on these
    I wish I had these when I was first playing.
    I would have been the envy of the group.
    I have not played Magic for about 20 years.
    Talk about bringing back memories.sign1
  6. kybolton79

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    These are just awesome. I might have to try to get it bigger since i have about a 85 card deck + sleeves, but this is super cool.
  7. Kjev

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    Put them on my bookshelf and they would look just like books! Beautiful work! (And I see some ideas here, like a hidden place to store things). I downloaded them as soon as I could. Thank you for sharing.
  8. micahrogers

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  9. spawntan

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    seems to be made of a highly durable for long hours of use, very good to be seen as costing

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