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  1. cgutzmer

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    What good books or magazines do you all read that helps/helpded you with your paper/card modeling. Not sure if its the right place but its more of a tool than anything I suppose!
  2. rickstef

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    Which books or mags

    there aren't any, well least not currently present in the book/periodical channels

    from time to time there is a book or two which pop up on Ebay.

    There is a series of books in german released about 2-3 years ago, that detail the history and some of the techniques one can use for building a model.

    In 2000 and 2001, GPM out of Poland released a series of magazines which detailed the Polish modeling scene.

    But there is not really a book or magazine nowadays that will help you with your education.

    in my opinion, experience by building is the best way, and assimilating what you read or see here on the site, and others like this one, to your skill set.

  3. Peter T Davis

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    You should write one, I'd help you get it published. ;)
  4. cgutzmer

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    You know, its really tempting. However I am not sure how far my meager experience would carry things. Maybe however a collabrative work built with the help of people from this site would be possible. I am sure it wouldnt be anything grand or elaborate, just aimed at people that are looking to get into the hobby and offer some basic assistance and guidance. Food for thought!
  5. Amazyah

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    Card modeling FAQ

    Hello again cgutzmer!

    Check this site out.

    This is the most extensive site on card modeling I have ever seen.

    Every aspect seems to be covered and there are also a "million" links to sites and freebies and designers, etc., etc., etc.

    This should fulfill your every desire and question on paper card modeling and should keep you busy for days on end.

  6. Bluenoser

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    You can also have a look at the Lighthouse paper model site. There is a fledgling e-zine that is starting up. Currently they have produced two issues.

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  7. milenio3

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    I'm on for publishing one. Although it has to be an on-line magazine (PDF), like the one in Lighthouse Model Art.
    But I can imagine one with a multi-disciplinary approach> techniques, types of models... whew! lots of material for an on-line magazine!
  8. cgutzmer

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    I will check out those suggested and see if i was thinking differently or not. In any case maybe we can hel pout one of those other sites with them if there is interest. Would be nice to draw as much traffic here as possible though.
  9. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I don't see how we cannot use many of the plastic model detail techniques to add to paper models. Some ideas can easily be applied in paper and therefore it does'nt hurt to perhaps garner some concepts from plastics mags.

    I think there SHOULD be a paper oriented rag devoted to ... ummm PAPER. The only problem is that I see paper modeling not as strong in North America as it is elsewhere so I would see more Korean, Polish and Russian magazines come forth than english. Am I right in assuming this?
  10. Ashrunner

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    StevO, and others

    I would think you are correct in the strength of card modeling being stronger elsewhere than here in North America. However, with the assistance of this forum, and other similar sites; available free models on the internet; the commercial sites easily accessed; and too some extent, the cost of plastic models (which is what turned me to a paper junkie), there is a growing population of card modelers here.

    There have been small attacks on the plastic world from this softer side of modeling. At several modeling meetings, most notably in Southern California and I believe, Indiana, paper models have impressed judges and plastic devotees alike. There have also been numerous articles in modeling journals, and a while back, one being worked on for a major publication.

    There have been the starts of discussions in the forums regarding e-books and articles for magazines before. There was back before a format change on the site, a Learning Center or something like that, which contained articles condensed in some cases from forum threads and in other cases, the actual threads, available for all to review. Some of the topics in that section would have made for interesting reading by even those who live by other modeling media. There was also an online magazine being offered by I had the honor of having one of my model designs being the first freely available kit offered by the magazine. The magazine lasted several years.

    My point with all this, is paper is getting stronger in North America and the Western Hemisphere, judging by the number of members from Central and South America who have joined this forum. 8v) Anything which can be done to further this progress would be welcomed by all of us. I would think articles written by the more talented of us for publications such as Lighthouses magazine, even Cutting Remarks from Marcle Models in the U.K. would help also.

    So what's next? With the help of our administators here, another Learning Center can be set up for just such articles to be collected, compiled together and published as a Tips and Techniques magazine, or what-have-you for everyone to enjoy.

    I spent 20 years the U.S. military pushing deadlines, editing writers, cropping the work of photographers, and questioning people I was interviewing, to put out newspapers on top of a lot of other work I had to do. I won awards for my journalism work from the local to Air Force level and had my work published outside of the military in a number of civilian publications. I know what sort of dedication would be required to do something like this. And no, I am not volunteering my time for a project such as this (if anyone was thinking along those lines). However, I would gladly assist by sharing my advice and helping people who want to do something along these lines.

    To succeed in the end, whatever is done would have to be professional looking, well edited and properly designed for the distribution media to attract readers.

  11. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    It looks like the lighthouse modelart editor is becoming overworked with his magazine based on what I got from the card modelers mailing list....

    That the Problem as I see it. I have a full time job in the industry and then in evening I do Lighthouse Model Art. The reason for the long turnaround is that I have to do everything alone. My hope was to find a group that would work together so we could have a monthly magazine, but I was not sucessful. The problem is that we are spreading ourselves thin as we have all our own ideas. We could achieve so much together if we would find a consenus and a common goal, than all cardmodelers would win. But that is probably only a fantasy.

    Ralf Schnurbusch

    Is there anyone here that would have the knowledge to write articles? i am considering contacting him to see if he comes to this site at all. maybe it could become a collaborative effort. I personally am not overly good at writing nor have I done enough of this to write a decent tutorial anyway (yet) However i would be willing to contact him and see if he would be willing to do a collaborative work with on the e-magazine.

    As a side note, the English version is rather hard to read since it seems to have been written initially in German. I would be willing to help with smoothing that out (cant do the translation but can help make it easier to read) so that might be my help :)


    heck, maybe he already comes here and will see this - who knows! :D
  12. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i have some manuals that my friend make with pic and so

    but ther all in Hebrew
    i can tray translate them because they help me a lot

    such as

    making cool landing gears
    rooling parts
    asmbeling parts an so
    and hwo to shape some strange parts like the main F4 or F15 parts


    i learn a lots from the guys here like swinger and rick and bob and some many more
  13. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I am a member now! :) I like the ideas :) I would like them in any case (in english)
  14. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member


    weelcome to our world :)

    amm for now i can send u the totrials over the eamil bout in hebrow only till if translet them :)
  15. yaniv

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