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  1. col

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    Hi guys,i was just wondering if there is a mainstream magazine available ,or something similar about paper and card models:)

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  3. dansls1

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    It's not a magazine, but there used to be a newsletter published quarterly by Mowe (Wilhelmshaven models) - and translated and distributed in the US (possibly a separate edition and not a pure translation - never was 100% positive about that). Does this still exist? It was pretty loosely formatted and occasionally had pictures. I've got a few years worth - like 1999 to 2003 or so.
  4. Peter T Davis

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    A print magazine would probably be more viable if it were in German or Polish.
  5. rmks2000

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    ABC is probably the closest to a card modeling magazine. I think Marcle Models may still have a newsletter.
  6. John Griffin

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    Scheuer and Struver have one I think it is called 'Aktuell'; although I think it's more of a monthly catalogue with articles written in German. Not much of a read, but awesome to look at- hundreds of models with colour pictures. You can print it from their PDF files. When you order a kit from them you get a current edition with the model. Their link is:
  7. col

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    Thanks for the answers guys,pity there isnt one more easily available,i suppose we must be a minority :)

  8. dansls1

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    You know - with the amount of information available on the internet, it really beg's the question "what could a magazine offer about card modelling to make it worth it?" I suppose on some level you could garner new modeller interest if hobby shops stocked it in their model magazine section. The card medium certainly lends itself to include models of varying difficulty through magazine distribution - either in whole or in parts each different issue. But is that enough to justify developing the magazine as a whole? Heck - take the 4 photos of the month, throw in a couple of the nicer build threads and maybe a design thread that happen around here - and you've got the content you'd see in a magazine. Add to the fact that the threads are interactive in that you can get responses about any questions you have and this forum far surpasses anything you could do in a magazine anyway.
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    Good points, but in a lot of ways applicable to all magazines, so how do any of them justify their existence? How does ABC stay in business? I still haven't figured out a good way of reading an online forum in the "throne room" :D

    The biggest problem I see with a cardmodel magazine is getting advertisers (which is where mags make their money), seems all the producers in this "industry" are either negative profit (those who create free models), or marginal profit; not really able to afford spending on advertising.
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  11. milenio3

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    3 magazines

    Yes, there are 3 magazines to download here:

    They are in German, but you can always use an online translator. I already used many of the articles there, and they are very good.
  12. dansls1

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    PDA / Pocket PC and wireless home network. It's slow and you can't see pictures well, but I am capable of reading forums in the throne room ;)

    Ultimately probably the most important point. I hedged around it - but I don't think a publisher could make money with a card model magazine nowadays.
  13. col

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    Its interesting when you have other model forums(plastic kits) and other hobby forums out there,and some of them do a variety of magazines which are very successful,and in some cases there are a few different publishers to choose from,and i think you could say that these hobbies are also in a minority,so maybe there may be room for a card model magazine,because i think if the content was well thought out, and maybe offered a free push out or cut out each month,or even bimonthly maybe,i would think most of us here would probably get it,not including the one off ers just for the freebie possibly,just as a matter of interest,how many members are here and in other similar type forums?pc reading after all is sometimes tireing and its nice to sit on the settee and chill with a mag or book,while flicking through the tv channels too:) just my thoughts , but a possibility maybe?:wink:


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