Madison Passenger car repair

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Leopold, May 27, 2007.

  1. Leopold

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    Need some help. Have two Lionel Madison cars 9521 & 9514 took a header off the track and snapped off one coupler each. Both can be fixed but I need help removing the roof. I can't find any screws in the top or bottom and it doesn't appear to be glued on. The internet has no repair sheets and my repair book stops at 1969. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.wall1
  2. tcripe

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    If you look at the side of your car, you will see on one end there are 4 small windows - the fifth window in is really wedge-shaped, as is the third window in from the other end. What you have to do is push in from both sides at these points and lift from the top. The four wedge-windows lock the roof into place. If you start at one end of the car and push the appropriate window from each side and lift and the roof comes up a bit, then you can do it from the other end. You need three hands to do this but it can be done! Wedging a thin metal ruler from the top can also help release the windows.
    - Terry
  3. Leopold

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    Thank you for the help. It does take about three hands, but we got it done and they are fixed.

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