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    Yep got it just finishing up with the images of the interceptor. ran into a small issue. when I was capturing them before the player I used was preventing me from actually saving the captured image. but issue solved using different player works fine now. May not be able to finish until later tonight so will probably send the zip file sometime after midnight my time.
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    I've already known this site. Thank you anyway!


    It's Ron's model at Rick's website. I've seen it also. Than k you anyway!


    Thank you for pics!
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    sorry got tied up with the family last night when I got home and was busy all day. Will be sending the files tonight for certain.
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    Looks great so far!
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    Impressive, most impressive!
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    Looks good.

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    I am so looking forward to this model.

    I am including scans of the instructions from a recent Japanese kit, now out of production, of the MM2/RW Interceptor. One is view images, the other shows the sprues and parts on them, including reference to the details. If you need further details I can take pics of the kit parts.

    The real car ins Australia is close to but not the same as a 70-71 Ford Torino. I have a kit of that which may supply under frame details if you wish.

    Thanks again for stepping up and undertaking this project. I, for one, am very happy!

    Best regards,

    Views: [​IMG]

    Sprues: [​IMG]
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    Thank you for your pics! I've unfolded and printed it. However, as I'm working on McLaren MP4-22 (commissioned work), I put sheets aside...
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    2 notes for you. First, this months Hot Rod Magazine has a bit on Eric Bana (the actor) and his Aussie Ford Falcon, which is the basis of the interceptor. I'll try to get scans.

    Second, have you thought of allowing model to be able to be built as the MM1 car (nice and neat) and the MM2 car (rough and ready)? Then I'd make a whole fleet. When done you are well on your way to having a stock Aussie Ford Falcon, which would be very cool as well.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you for your notes, but I've read them too late...
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    Mad Max Interceptor : Ready!

    Yes! The Interceptor is finished. Thank you all who helped sending pics and plans of the car.

    View attachment 8595

    Besides paper, I’ve used transparent sheets (windows). You can check some pics and download parts and instructions at Mad Max Interceptor page.

    Enjoy the model!

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    That's AWESOME! I may try this this weekend!
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    oh man, stop trying to make me rearrange my build pile :)

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