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    As I mentioned previously in a thread about Paper-replika's new model- the War Rig from the recent film "Mad Max; Fury Road," my personal favorite of the year thus far and one of the best pieces of action cinema ever to grace the silver screen- I mentioned that I had a new "Mad Max" themed project in the works, and it's finally time to show what I've done so far. The plan is to build three vehicles from the new film" the classic "Mad Max" Interceptor, Immortan Joe's Gigahorse, a beautiful double-decker cadillac and an all-around beast of a vehicle, and the War Rig, a massive truck driven by Charlize Theron's badass Imperator Furiosa. I'll be doing a separate post for each vehicle, in which I will briefly summarize certain aspects of the build when necessary as well as showcase the models themselves. The plan is currently limited to the three vehicles mentioned above, but I'm open to the idea of doing more down the road (pun intended ;))
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    T H E V 8 I N T E R C E P T O R

    The V8 Interceptor has been the iconic car of the "Mad Max" franchise ever since George Miller's 1979 original, and thus it was a good place to start my collection. The car was changed slightly between "Mad Max" and its sequel "The Road Warrior," and the version I've chosen is from the latter, as it matches the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the newest film. I stuck with an un-modified model for this one, so there's not really much to discuss in terms of the build. The model I chose is from paperinside's site, in case anyone is interested, and its scale is 1:20, as will be that of the models to come. So without further adieu, here it is:
    -To start out, a wide shot of the full car, featuring an accidental sneak peak at the next model, which will be finished tomorrow (!!!!) As per usual, my model isn't perfect, but the camera does a nice job hiding the blemishes. Edges were colored with black colored pencil.
    IMG_4238.JPG IMG_4236.JPG IMG_4237.JPG IMG_4241.JPG IMG_4235.JPG
    -The top and rear of the car. These shots give a good look at the designer's excellent attention to detail in including the gas and oil tanks Max keeps affixed to his car.
    IMG_4233.JPG IMG_4232.JPG
    -Some frontal shots which show the inset engine. Again, excellent detail-work by the designer.
    IMG_4240.JPG IMG_4239.JPG
    -Lastly, the interior. Thank goodness for the shadows here, as my edge coloring job on some of the interior pieces is pretty poor XD

    As always, thanks for checking out my work and I'll be sure to update this thread ASAP with pics of the next model- Immortan Joe's Gigahorse!
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    T H E G I G A H O R S E

    The antagonist of "Fury Road," a tyrannical leader and religious figure of sorts drives one of the strangest vehicles ever featured in a "Mad Max" film- a double-decker Cadillac, two 1959 Coup de Villes, the bottom wider than the top, sitting on massive suspension and tires, all powered by two V8 engines. Unlike the Interceptor, there are no pre-made models of the Gigahorse, so building this one was a bit complicated. Fortunately enough, Paper-replika.com has a model of the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1A, which just so happens to be a variant of the Coup de Ville from the exact same year. I used that as a base to recolor and modify for the body of the Gigahorse. The bottom Cadillac is widened by an inch or two, as it is in the film, and I used rescaled versions of the tires from Julius' model of the War Rig for the tires. The engine pieces are mostly scratch built using pieces of straws wrapped in colored paper, with some additional detailing in the form of rescaled versions of the oil tanks from the above model of the Interceptor. Straws were used to create the suspension, as well. My goal for this model was to create a general likeness to the vehicle from the film, and not to build an exact replica. In that, I feel that the model turned out pretty well, so have a look for yourself! :D
    IMG_4245.JPG IMG_4244.JPG IMG_4243.JPG IMG_4246.JPG
    -some shots to show the whole beast in her entirety. It really is a beautifully designed car, as are many of the others in the film. The final shot kinda shows a bit of the back, which is an open bed for gunmen to sit in, but there's a ramp down into the interior of the car, which features two rows of two seats, placed in a stair step fashion with each being level with one windshield.

    -the interior of the lower Cadillac body is (barely) visible here. Two seats sit on either side of an empty space in the middle, presumably for transit in and out of the vehicle whilst in motion.
    IMG_4248.JPG IMG_4249.JPG
    -for better or worse, these photos show some of the detail work I did for the piping of the "engines." The only things missing are the engines themselves, as I couldn't find any decent models in an appropriate scale. It was pretty intricate to assemble, which accounts for much of the time spent on the build after the main body was complete.
    -I made the suspension pieces using some bits from the War Rig model (the wheel axes' in particular) The black rods seen are simply cut pieces of straws wrapped in black construction paper. The tanks in the middle of the body are, once again, the oil tanks from the Interceptor model.
    IMG_4251.JPG IMG_4253.JPG
    -Lastly, here's the Gigahorse next to the Interceptor She dwarfs the lil' thing. The second photo is the beginnings of a "Fury Road" 'diorama' of sorts, which will simply feature the three cars. It's not based on a particular scene from the film, but the War Rig will be placed in between the two current models.
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    Really nice!!!!
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    May I suggest, contact Julius and send him the parts and the pictures of the Gigahorse. I'm sure he will like them A LOT and maybe put them on his FB page. ;)
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    I'll probably post a photo or two to the page, but the parts themselves are kind of a mess. many bits and pieces were scratch built and some of the pieces on the car body itself were customized to fit properly, so my set of parts is of little use. I suppose an extremely dedicated modeler could manage to make some sense of my nonsensical piece layouts, and if anyone here is interested in building the model, DM me and I can send the parts as well as attempt to explain any of the difficult areas.

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