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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by jetrock, Sep 11, 2004.

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    So I got kind of inspired reading the recent threads about kitbashing interurbans and Cannonball steeplecabs, and kind of went on a frenzy. Besides, I'm utterly busy and have a huge project I should be working on, but there's nothing like huge projects and other priorities to get me into working on trains instead! So in the past 24 hours I got started on three little projects, and hopefully one or two of them will be done someday...


    Here's the two-combines project--by combining the freight end of two Roundhouse combines and gluing them together (you can see the squadron putty I used to stick the two halves together), cutting windows and adding anticlimbers and some other details, I have a rough approximation of CCT #3, a freight motor that spent its last few years (1947-1953) as an improvised caboose (the CCT dieselized in 1947, but didn't have enough cabooses.) The trucks are just temporarily supported on some bolsters from the parts box, which is why they look a little high. I fabricated an anticlimber and roofwalk, but steps and grab irons will have to wait--plus I need to find end doors that will fit.


    Here's that Cannonball steeplecab kit again--after building it it is obvious that the AMB Laser-Kit frame is very necessary, as the included plastic pseudo-frame has some serious deficiencies...and I'll need to find someplace in this teeny thing to put some weight. The air cylinders are from the Roundhouse combine kit above, and the compressors below the body are actually journal boxes from the same kit. The pantograph is just set in place for looks right now.


    This is a critter I cobbled up out of the body of the 44-tonner whose motors are sitting under the steeplecab kit. Ideally this will eventually be a dual-mode critter, once I fabricate the underframe--it will be usable as a standard-gauge critter (after the engine it is modeled after, a 25-ton GE switcher used by Simsmetal Inc. in Sacramento) with a NWSL PDT underneath, or, with a swap of the base, a 30-inch narrow gauge critter for use on a micro layout I plan to build as part of the big layout (mostly theoretical--I found some 2' girder rail outside an old business called Sacramento Pipeworks, most likely used for hand carts, but ran with the idea of a miniature railway to haul pipe and raw materials in and out of the building from the loading dock area.)

    The motive power for the 30" gauge version is a Bachmann six-wheel N scale switcher.
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    good stuff

    Nice jetrock :thumb:

    Love the combine, great potential.
    I like the steeple cab kit too.
    Now that critter would look good with a Pan on it :p
    Keep scratching :wave:
  3. Very nice, Jet, very nice! Make no mistake...TRACTION IS BACK BIG TIME!! :thumb: I'm finishing up the body details on my steeple cab and have the mechanism and AMB chassis kit ready to go. I think that weight can be put in the cab on the chassis....that's what I'm looking into...along with a DCC decoder. Gonna be a bit crowded, but I think it'll work. I want to have constant/forward/reversing headlights and markers on 'em. That double door freight motor looks GREAT!!!! What are you going to use for power & trucks? Keep it up, Jet! You're giving me good ideas!!! :wave:
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    The double-door freight motor will be unpowered. Its prototype, Central California Traction #3, was de-motorized in 1946 when CCT switched to diesel operation. When they made the switch, they were able to sell off their newer metal-framed electrics to Pacific Electric, but not the older wood-framed box motors like #3. They were also suddenly faced with a shortage of cabooses, since electric freight crews normally rode in the roomy box motor, needing no caboose. So the owners of CCT turned the two remaining box motors into cabeese--stripped of motors, poles and pantos, headlights, pilots and compressors, and adding only a caboose signal lantern.

    These ersatz cabeese ran until 1953, when they were replaced by "real" crummies. I figure it's a good and economical way to teach myself a bit about kitbashing rolling stock and give my layout a very unique caboose. If I decide to power it later I'll probably use a Bowser repowering kit I have knocking around.
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    VERY nice. Do me a favor and keep us posted on the progress of #3 there. I'd like to put a step by step article if you have the time and don't mind writing it up some time, on the CCT website David Epling and I have. (

    Keep up the great work! :thumb:

  6. jetrock

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    Sure thing--and once I get the decals and handrails done, I'll send you some photos of my model of CCT #30 pulling it around!
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    Very Nice jetrock, keep us posted on the progress :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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