Macross/Robotech Destroids, and other mecha

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  1. Janx

    Janx Member

    HI Guys, great idea putting this thread up Thunder. Got a few kits here, will try to get them sorted for you guys.

    MK II Destroid Monster (complete but pdo has errors now so will redo)
    VF 11 Valkyrie (satlled)
    VF 2Ja WIP (planning stage)
    VF 1 (A_S) WIP (Planning Stage)

    Have models of a few destroids but Thunder can do a much better job :)
  2. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    I think the downloads section for Battlestar Galactica is so cool!

    "I have a dream..."
    Thats how the speech starts right? My dream is to have a dowload section like that of the Galactica, but for RT and Macross. So Janx, Let's get those models up there! Ok, wait for me to finish at least the defender ( :D ), But your Alpha is such a great model that I'll be hard pressed to even match it!

    Who else would like to have the Robotech/Macross section? If we get enough models up there it could happen right? :)

    Janx, I for one would enjoy building YOUR destroids, and be honored to have mine stand next to them on my shelf!
    Build Pics arriving in a day or two btw... :)
  3. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    I agree, I'd enjoy having Janx's destroid models, especially if they're half as good as his Alpha (I'm currently building it).

    I myself was considering making models of some of the less common aircraft in Macross/Robotech, like the VC-33, SC-27, LVT Avenger II, VC-27, F203, Comanchero, etc. since I can design aircraft models pretty well.
  4. widget

    widget Member

    UHHMmmmm,the link to the VC-33 leads to a youtube vid of the US Navy's test shot of the worlds largest railgun. I tried it 3 different times.
    The VS-33 Mom's Kitchen looks kind of "klunky".

    The F203 looks HOT !

    The SF-3A Lancer II is extrenely hard to get ahold of.( resin GK.) But looks fairly easy to do in card.

    The Anti UN MiM-31 looks good too.
  5. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

    don't forget that fruiz already posted a link to several robotech models here:

    i think i've seen a cardmodel of the SF-3A before... but i can't seem to find it again...

    hmm, found something else, a flying VF-1A glider kit, here. odd program looks like an executable slideshow, maybe the left-most button will print out the pattern?

  6. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    link to the Veritech model please?

    if any, gerwalk, fighter, and battloid modes?
  7. PapaBear

    PapaBear Member

    I have the exact model kit of the armored lady and had actually started
    to build it quite some years ago but never finished.
    I can try do a 360 macro of the kit if anyone is interested. Let me know
    and I can dig it out of my collection.
  8. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Shin_kazama, here you go: SF PaperCraftGallery

    Another model, better detailed but uncolored:
    Ø‚è‚Ê‚*–{ ‚Æ ƒy[ƒp[ƒNƒ‰ƒtƒg

    Paragon, <insert heavy metallic breathing here> "You cannot resist the power of the dark side!"
    (oops, wrong story... :D )

    Everyone, I finally managed to get some pics off my phone and here they are! after weeks of breaking the promise. :p

    Just the feet and legs are done. beginning on the hips soon.

    Attached Files:

  9. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Looking good! Is the ankle jointed?
  10. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Like the current run of Battletech models... I don't think that it's practical for a jointed ankle. The images you see above are exaggerated point of view to give the pose.

    I'm working on the Scorpion and getting joints to work and last is not an easy task.

    Nice work so far TC.
  11. Janx

    Janx Member

    Thunder, that looks great :)
  12. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    I caved...I'm working on "Mom's Kitchen" right now.
  13. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    I guess I'll post progress somewhere else after this, but the prototype is ready.
  14. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Thanks for the boost you guys!

    This is just a static pose model and its small. The leg as you see it here is 6cm tall. I decided to do it this way first (Like I did with the SDF-1) because like StevO said, having articulation, stability and durability is a mammoth task!

    One of the reason's this build is taking so long is because I'm busy with, among other models, a larger pose-able version of the defender. I'm still struggling with the hip joints in particular, I can only seem to get rotation on two of the three axes while keeping the structure strong enough. But have no fear, I won't stop till I succeed! If anyone has tips or suggestions, pretty please pass them my way!

    Paragon, Can't wait to see pics of Mom's Kitchen! Quoting Bron:"I'd love to have one of my very own!"
  15. palmer

    palmer Member

    I really like how your leg came out! Great Macross rush!
  16. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Nice job Thunder!
  17. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    I finished the prototype today and put it together, this is the result (sorry for the messy build):


    I expect to release several colored versions on my website tomorrow or the day after.

    Like I said before, they're not incredibly detailed models.
  18. fructose

    fructose Member

    I like it! I've always liked that plane. I'll have to build it. :)
  19. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Sweet model Paragon, and fast to :D

    How about the Ghost fighter?

  20. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Wow Paragon! That looks Schweet! :)

    Will you be doing other requests?

    Like the comanchero or the ES-11D Cat's Eye...? (wink-wink) :D

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