Macchi C200 by Marek

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    MC200 - [Macchi-Castoldi] - by Marek PACYNSKI
    1:50 scale
    This is my second building aircraft......

    The model built entirely with paper; weighs only 15 grams.

    I used photographic paper "HP Everyday Photo Paper" semi-glossy, 170 grams / msq for bubble jet printer.
    This paper is very beautiful and flexible but it is very delicate and not easy to manipulate, also tends to chap especially at the edges.

    The design by Mr. Marek comprises only 2 sheets of parts.
    But I had to see that the second sheet is not proportionate to the first.
    The shapes of the fuselage are smaller parts of housing, as shown on the pictures from red arrows.

    The hydraulic actuators for the withdrawal landing gear and closing doors, are not included in the kit but were made by me.
    Not included in the kit transparent parts.
    The Twin machine-gun is not from kit.


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  2. pahorace

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    Other pics:


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  3. Very nice indeed. Especially the last pic.
  4. Wily

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    Nice...clean...I'm going to buy this kit. Thank you!
  5. pahorace

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    Thanks Wily
    for the kind words of appreciation.

    the model does not present serious difficulties.
    It has some little imprecision but that matter! Just do a little work to make them more attractive.

    Before beginning the construction of model I consulted many resources.
    Very important are the second me:
    because Mr. Marek does not provide the front view of the plane.
    very important for additions MC-200 Saetta&distinct_entry=true

    for machine-gun, the Breda-SAFAT of 12,7 mm, I found only:

    ...........add a few more pics.


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  6. Stev0

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    Very nicely built. Very clean and that camo scheme is probably one of my favorites of the era.
  7. Tim Crowe

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    Lovely build!

    That open cockpit must have been fun in winter - lets hope they had a decent heater.

    Nice neat table - mine's a right tip.

  8. pahorace

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    Thanks Stev0,
    The plane was seen in Ukraine in December 1942:
    Unit: 356 Squadriglia, 21 Gruppo
    Serial: 356 (c/n.MM8596)
    Ukraine. December 1942.

    The camo I think it is closer to this figure, rather than that of Mr.Marek:

    Thanks Tim,
    experts say the helmet of the pilot was part of Canopy!


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