MAC compatible 3D cardmodeling software

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by classiquecreative, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know of any 3D card modeling software I can run on MACs.

    Many thanks

  2. looker

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  3. David H

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    Hi Rosie,

    I am not the expert but my best fiend is! We Mac users need to stick together!

    He uses some very heavyweight software and really big Macs to develop virtual models and interactive tours of historic monuments.

    That said the "Bobster" begins by roughing out castles and monasteries etc. with little old Sketch UP. Admittedly the pro version. I can ask him to share a list of his recommended software (expensive).

    I have used Sketch Up and it is surprisingly easy to build a 3D model and create an animated walk through (ships above the waterline would be pretty easy I think). I made this model of part of Whitby Abbey in very little time to explain changing levels and materials over time...


    I understand that there are pieces of software out there that convert the 3d model to flat pieces for printing.

    I think you would have to use photoshop to colour the pieces, Sketch Up is probably not ideal for this stage.

    However, I am way out of my depth here and there is a lots of quality advice about this topic in on the forum.


  4. Mac 3D software.

    Thanks David

    I use macromedia Freehand and adobe photoshop for our designs. I have some pretty heavy 3D software used for animation, but need something that will do relatively simple tasks, and have the capacity to unwrap. There must be something that does this..?

  5. David H

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    Sketch Up sounds like the the bit of software for you. I am not selling it but my experience was largely positive. I was coming to it from AutoCAD and capturing real life buildings in 3d. It was easy to get DXFs in and the trace function worked very well.

    The freeware version is available from Google.

    Unfortunately I have transcended doing cool things and now wrestle spreadsheets and programme dates. I will ask my friend if Sketch Up has been bettered. May take a day or two, you know, busy , busy busy!

    Google "unwrap sketch up" and see, it is not an area I know about...

    Perhaps some of the real designers can comment

  6. Renaud

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    Amapi Pro runs on Mac, and a version of Rhino 3D for Mac, fot either PowerPC and Intel Core, is under development.
  7. DJPinter

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  8. zathros

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    Technically, this post is wrong. You can get a Beta version of Rhino for Mac for FREE to try out. The final version has been announced as being around the corner for over a year, but you can get the Beta version now.

    Link =
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    Thanks for this question.

    As a MAC user I was similarly interested!
  10. zathros

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    Yes, but the thread is from 204, and at that rate, you could have purchased a P.C. really cheap, just for making models, and designed 100's by now. I build my own computers, an now that Mac's are using standard P.C. components, any so called hardware advantages are moot. While you guys are waiting, just as this post illustrates, and the sales figures illustrate, Apple doesn't give a crap about the myriad of free programs that can run on a computer. They just don't care. For their top of the line P.C.'s, I could build a 20 core Intel computer, with 3 G's of Video ram running 6 monitors. Thread is dead. No more posting in threads over 3 months, let alone on that is 6 years old.:cool:
  11. THE DC

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    I didn't realize that threads were closed after 3 months. Sorry for adding to the commentary.
  12. zathros

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    They are closed to everyone except the Original Poster, and only if something, like a bolt from heaven, that is so substantive, merits mention.

    "Rhino for Mac is coming!"
    does not cut it.

    If it does get released, that announcement would will merit it's own "new" post, wouldn't you think? :) (p.s. they've been saying that for years!)
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