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  1. hiya all can you believe this? this is a model i just got from a bud, he picked it up after he was visiting family in germany and poland after a deployment in Iraq , not seeing the kit he got for me i thought it was a new ship or AFV or sumthing like that. after seeing it i was shocked!!! the damn thing is so detailed even has amo for the clip. def not a paper model you see every day
    what will they think of next??? ak-47 an RPG???? im almost afraid to build it and mount it or take it with me to show anyone it looks way to realalistic

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Patriot,

    If you like weapons have I got a link for you lol.
    Check out all the pistols and mini type machine guns here, all free downloads: . There is everything from a MP5 to an 1851 colt revovler as well as a luger and a mauser. There is even a silencer you can download.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  3. jlinscheid

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    Looking at that makes me think about something I read a while back about a man in prison that made a working paper clock. Those sure would beat the heck out of a soap gun.
  4. modelincard

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy modelincard,

    So you dont know of the infamous "soap gun" huh? Well, no big mystery to it, prisoners in US prisons have limited access to anything that can be used as a weapon, even a tooth brush can be made into a knife by melting the bristles into a nylon "blob" then sharpened on a rock or brick and the plastic handle can be sharpened as well.
    But theSoap Gun, is not nearly as is merely bars of soap, shaped and/or carved into the form of a pistol, then covered with black shoe polish to give it the "Blueing" look that pistols have. Its used to threaten and trick people into thinking it is a real gun.
    It is similiar to what a prisoner might make if they could carve a pistol out of a piece of wood, then color it with shoe polish.....but if they could carve, they would have a knife and no use for a fake gun lol.
    But you get the Idea, alot of old american "ganster movies" had prisoners making guns from soap to use in thier escape. and if I am not mistaken, the "soap gun" has been used in real life before in prison or jail escapes.[​IMG]

    The above gun is made of wood and was covered by the foil from cigarette packs to add realism. For more info on this particular fake gun, check out this link: .

    I hope this explains the "soap gun" abit for you.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  6. Darwin

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    One of the more notorious soap guns was one carved by John Dillinger to accomplish one of his jail breaks. I have no problem with realistic paper models of guns, but would far rather that the subject was one with less of a negative connotation (like only gangstas have Mac 10s). I would truly love to see a line of detailed paper models to take the place of the old plastic models of the 50s-60s, of such items as flintlock dueling pistols, pepper boxes, derringers, Navy Colt pistol, etc.
  7. George

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    Classic film soap gun

    The most classic film soap gun must be Woody Allens who escapes with
    a soap gun in rain and up with a lot of foam in his hand!!!
  8. rjm

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    Mac 10 Paper Gun

    Greg, I downloaded the Kamikuze site you mentioned
    and got a bunch of photos of guns and a lot of gibberish.
    How do you download them? Bob

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Bob,

    LOL, you mean you dont read japanese? Dont worry, neither do I lol. But I will tell ya haw to download them anyway.
    First decide which gun you want to download, for demonstration purposes, lets say the walther p38 (the first pistol on the site).
    Click on the name of the gun below the photo, a new page opens. on the top of that next page you will see the following:


    You want to click on the underlined portion you see above to start the download. The download is in an .rar compressed file, you will need winrar reader to open it. you can get winrar at: now as long as you dont own a macintosh computer, you will want to download the first available download....
    WinRAR 3.51Graphic and command lineTrial990 KB

    Ok, once you have that, open the .rar file, you will see in that list .gifs AND a .pdo file. The .pdo file (pepakura viewer) is the file you want. Now, you will want to click on the .pdo file (highlight it), then go uptop on the winrar screen and click "EXTRACT TO" and then click on a file like "My documents" and save it to there. Then, open the Pepakura viwer...if you need it, it can be downloaded at: . Once the viewer is open, click "open at the top of the viewer and go to "my documents" and find the saved .pdo file and open it in the viewer.
    Now you will be able to see the "exploded view" of the model and can print it out and build it.

    I hope this helps, have a good day.

    Greg aka GW
  10. scudbusted

    scudbusted loopy lurker

    Back in WW-2, A British officer actually made it just past the gate at COLDITZ Castle, dressed as a Nazi officer, and using a paper pistol, that was dyed with shoe polish, and a holster of the same. :) UM- When he brandished the pistol, one of the guards was so scared- he shot the British officer :( I think that was the closest anyone got to "escape from Colditz!"
  11. rjm

    rjm Member

    MAC 10 Paper Gun

    Thanks Greg, I do use an iMac, but was able to get a Luger P08
    into JPEG format. I haven't printed anything but the picture inst.
    yet. I'm not sure how I get them to 1:1scale yet. Thanks for the
    help. Bob

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    howdy Bob,

    Well, if you have a photo editing program, resizing isnt too hard. I dont know the dimensions of the life size luger, but I have that particular file downloaded too, I may play with it abit afterwhile and see what would be involved in maybe bring it up to 1:1 scale or a reasonable facsimile.
    I am looking right now at the specs of the pistol at this site: which tells me the following info:

    P.08 Pistol


    Length8.8 in
    Weight30 oz.
    Barrel Length4 in
    Magazine Capacity8

    So, knowing that it is 8.8 inches long, tip of barrel to back, it shouldnt be too hard to resize the jpegs to that size (Since a standard sheet of paper is 11.5 inches long).
    Anyway, if I play with resizing the jpegs, I will post back here again and let you know how it goes and IF i do resize it, I will make sure you get a copy of the resized jpegs.
    But as for right now, I just got off work about an hour ago at noon, so I am fixinta' go eat something and probably take a nap lol.

    Have a good day, I hope the link and spec info helps if you should attempt a resize.

    Greg aka GW
  13. modelincard

    modelincard Member

    [​IMG]What about the Colditz Glider? Or was it that that never actually flew?
  14. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    There were a few prisoners who did escape from Colditz by various methods - the glider wasn't one of them - the war ended before it could be tried.


  15. RC1136

    RC1136 New Member

    Hey guys the kamikuzu link is dead =X. Anyway to access the site?? Thx
  16. garyisanape

    garyisanape New Member

    yeah,kamikuzu link dead, pls upload some rifle for us pls~~?????

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