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    Hello all

    Just joined and would like to ask a question. Hope this is the right place.
    I am going to scratch build an HO scale model of the Delta. PA RR station for the Ma&Pa and already have a copy of the original layout with demensions etc but I have two questions.
    !. I need to know the colors of the paint scheme (around period of 1940) and also I am wondering what material was used for the roof. There is a good possibility that it was slate as this was slate country but I can't be sure.
    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Hi Wayne
    Tks for your reply.
    Have checked out these site and will keep pursuing. Funny thing is my wife is from Delta and lived about two blocks from the Delta station however for the life of her she cannot remember the color scheme. Of course that has now been over fifty ago so I'll excuse her.
    Again tks.

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