M48 Tank in 1:16 or 1:25

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by John Griffin, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    :confused: OK, I can't find my previous thread so this is a new one for the same design I had posted on before (M48A3).

    I haven't done any screenshots yet but I am almost ready to get some... The turret design is complete, as is most of the hull. I haven't even started on the running gear yet but the thing is actully looking like a tank now. The turret is a real beast.
    If all goes well I will do some renders of the 3D geometry to post, and maybe even a shot of the unfolded 2D turret shell if I have time this weekend (June 23-24).

    I see am am now only a junior member again... perhaps for not posting anything for three weeks.
  2. Dragos

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    You are not the only one. My threads are also losts.
  3. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    Here are some screen-shots of the geometry (If I can figure out how to post them). A few small details remain for the hull, and of course, the tracks and wheels will be last.
    In the image of the partially unfolded turret shell the RED part is the unfolded piece. It can't be all one big petal unfold due to overlap issues. The turret is quite a bit more complex than it looks at first glance, even for an asymmetrical casting. I think next week sometime I will begin design of the suspension and wheels. I'm saving that hardest part for last... the tracks.

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  4. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member


    Holy Cow it worked!... and better than with the old server... the image thumbnails went directly into the body of the thread. You can click on them to get a bigger view, instead of just getting URLs that you have to click on.
  5. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    That's an amazing development - it looks to be a real challenge to reverse the
    process to build the turret skin.

    Which track are you going to model? there seem to have been a number of different tracks used on the M48.

    How come my avatar reverts back to the old one?


  6. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Looks spectacular! What program are you using for modelling/unroll?
  7. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Your threads will be back. We can merge them when they are.... Looking great John!
  8. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member


    Using 3dsmax version 4.1 (old!) and a program called Creator. It's a roundabout process as I don't have one program that can do everything i need to do. I hear rhino can do it all but i don't have that. Oh, and LOTS of work in photoshop (at least on my aircraft models- the tank will be a different experience as far as the surface artwork is concerned).
  9. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    tracks, turret

    Thanks Charlie. I have only seen the standard chevron-tread tracks. Were there different widths?? I can go up and measure the real ones when the time comes, but off the top of my head I think they are about 28 1/2" wide accross the end connectors.
    As for the assembly of the turret; I think it will be easier than it looks at present. There will be keels/formers inside (maybe), and although I couldn't get the entire turret to fit as a petal (with all petals hinged at the turrett top), I think it will still be only 2 major parts. The top piece (in red) is one, and then the bottom (not shown)- with the other petals connected to it is the other. The two parts will fit together like the way you mesh your fingers when you fold your hands. Or a simple venus fly-trap plant. Sort of.
  10. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member


    OK, thanks for the compliment. As for the old thread... well I guess it's not a big deal as I had no pics posted until now (if I remember correctly); so no real loss there.

    Thanks, John.
  11. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Looking real good John!
    Can't wait to see the paint job on this baby after seeing your past performances!
    I guess it will be a while before you get to that point though.
    Is this planned for a retail release and if so do you know where, yet?

  12. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    release a ways off...

    I will try hard to give the model a real rough/cast metal and somewhat used look. I think I will offer it thru Gremir again... delivery is easy over the net. And as I can't decide on a scale yet (1:16... 1:25 ?) I can design it at the larger scale and purchasers can scale it down if they want to via Gremir's viewer. I scaled down one of my P-74s to 50% and printed it on copier paper... it came out cool (almost cute at that size, but with all the details still in the printing.)!
  13. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Screen shots look very cool, John! I really like these watch it develop threads! Looking forward to the day when I can get it from Michael!

  14. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    You probably don't have to go overboard on the casting roughness - US castings were always pretty clean and they seem to have been fettled to a pretty good surface finish. Certainly the castings on US armour were much cleaner than on Soviet armour of the same period.


  15. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That sounds like a great plan to me, John.
    I'm in line already!

  16. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    The AFV database at 90mm Gun Tank M48 Patton 48 says that there were two standard tracks, T96 and T97 types - these seem to be identical in size but T96 is "Center guide, double pin, rubber backed steel" and the T97 is
    "Center guide, double pin, rubber chevron". I guess you wouldn't want to operate an M48 on sealed roads with the T96 track - the locals would get a bit upset.


  17. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    90mm web page

    Thanks Charlie! That page is great! Just about every spec I could think of- even armour thickness (not that I can build anything THAT accurate)!

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