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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by D.R.Rosser, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I just acquired a new BlueLine M1a for use on a very old fashioned DC system. Works great! But, I have a question. There is an analog control unit that you can buy, wire up, and then have a lot more control over specific sounds, volume, etc.. Is this unit a chore to program?I do not use DCC and so I have no experience with set-up, programming, and other steps that seem to be part of that approach. Is the process reasonable for an amateur like myself? Any experience you could share would be appreciated greatly. Thanks, Dave
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    My Precision Craft Goose included a pamphlet about a product which runs the sounds (at least on their stuff) for a DC layout. Since PCM and BLI are sister companies...I suspect that it works for both.
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    Even without the Analog Control Unit, that is a pretty nice engine that makes all sorts of sounds, including a bunch of random engine noises! Big :thumb:

    Anyhow, the analog unit does not require programming per say as it comes with 4 buttons:
    - "Vol" for volume adjust,
    - "Horn" to sound the Whistle,
    - "Bell" on or off and
    - "Aux" for Air Pump sounds.
    The only thing I would call 'programming' is changing the duration and/or sequence in which you press the "Horn" and "Vol" button. For example, it is two fast presses on "Vol" to increase the volume one notch while if you hold down the "Horn" button, the engine makes a long whistle tone. (There are some other combos that will make the horn do unique whistle blows but I have not tried them, yet.)

    As for wiring, you just need another pair of wires to connect it in-between your power supply and track.

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