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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Medic, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Medic

    Medic New Member

    Hi all: I've been papermodeling for a while but have never designed my own model until now. I've been wanting a model of the M16 military-issue rifle (m16a2) for a while, but never found one, so finally decided to create my own - without any previous model-designing experience (picked a bad model for my 1st). Being my first, obvoiusly it isn't of great quality, but i think it turned out well. Now that i know my design is legit i might even make a full-scale one later (this one is about 4" on the model to 7" actual).

    It's got fully capable sights (but the workmanship means it would never hit something if operational), as well as a removeable magazine. I designed it in 3ds max 6 (which, if you can believe, i actually legally own). Tell me what you think.
  2. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Great job, Medic ! I haven't toted an M16 in many years, but yours is the spitting image of one. :)

    Question: is that the 1st-gen three prong flash surpressor you modeled, or does it just look that way in the photo ?
  3. Medic

    Medic New Member

    toted an M16? Hooah! When did you serve?

    I modeled it after a 3-prong, but actually i didn't even model the individual prongs. As a matter of fact, i just made a cone and shoved it on the front of the muzzle... but i kept it. (in other words, the cut grooves are missing.) i'm just glad i know what you're even talking about :D
  4. Square

    Square Member

    Looks like a nice model for the group? :roll:
  5. Ron

    Ron Member

    Nice model! Did you unfold it in Max as well?

  6. bigtom

    bigtom Member

    Remodeling the M16

    I was in the 36th division Airborne NG! When I got back from Benning our first jump was at night. I PLF'd on my M-16. I am 6'9" and 340, so I bent it pretty good. They gave me a m-60!

    Your model is very cool!
  7. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    full size please...

    ...i carry an A2 replica "airsoft" in night skirmishes with friends. i'm thinking about making some decoys, if you know what i mean...
  8. Medic

    Medic New Member

    I actually unfolded some of the pattern in an ancient version of Tenkai. They don't sell it anymore though, because, if i'm correct, it essentially turned into Pepakura designer.

    that's funny... I'd take an M60 over an m16 any day though. I don't serve so actually i would have no idea what is better. An M60 ought to jam less though :roll:

    airsoft? me too... good way to spend a weekend. Or paintball, but i like the realism of airsoft guns (can't make a realistic-looking paintball gun).

    thanks for the feedback, guys. I'd like to post the templates, but they're so user-unfriendly and at such an early stage; I'll see what i can do.
    As a bonus i'll throw in a Max shot (it's not a great render becuase of the purpose i intended it though):
  9. smsuski

    smsuski Member


    Hi Medic,
    I was a medic with 12th SF army reserve, 425th ranger NG. Great
    Looking rifle. This is the model I carried. Hope to see more.
  10. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Awesome M16

    Wow that thing looks great!
    I was a ground pounding Grunt in the USMC,
    and this was my bunkmate more times than I liked.

    BTW the M60 is truly awesome, I would deffinately pick that
    weapon, if going to have a firefight. I was amazed at
    just how accurate one could be with an M60.
    [The best part of being a grunt is shooting and
    blowing stuff up ; ) I was in my element LOL]
    You can cut down a tree with the 60.
    The 16 will jam in 20 rounds. Most inconvenient
    when bad guys are rushing at you.
  11. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Ahhh...but for cutting down trees, give me an M2 8v) but the M60 was a nice beast. As for the M16, it's a looking good model and has been taken off my "Design of a model of this" list. I didn't often get a chance to work with one during my Air Force career, but the several times I was assigned to Army units, I did.

    On one really strange Saturday morning in Honduras, I was at the firing range with the rest of the Quick Reaction Force, with my M16A2 and thousands of rounds of ammuntion. The ammo was old A1 ball ammo. The LT told us to get rid of the ammo as a new supply of A2 rounds had arrived. Between the 12 of us, we fired off close to 2,000 rounds, mostly in burst mode, and had very few jams. I didn't have any. That surprised the LT as he thought there would be more jams since the rounds we were firing were made for the A1 model. I don't remember the reason, but there is something in back of my mind that says the powder loads were different for the two models.

    By the way, I referred to the morning as really strange, because the year was 1989 before the "The Wall" came down and there was an Mi-24 Hind helicopter flying around. Earlier that year, a defecting pilot from Nicaragua flew it to the Honduran capital and it eventually made its way to Soto Cano Air Base where I was assigned. Everyone at one point leveled their M16s on the Hind. Later that afternoon, a select few were given rides, including myself. Strange day...lots of fun.

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