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    Anyone know of a paper/card model for the Manned Orbiting Laboratory? I know there's Blue Gemini over at Delta 7, and don't get me started on how long it's taking him to finish his Apollo disc!
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    The Delta 7 Studios MOL is a great start, and I would heartily recommend any of their products. (And they don't even pay me for that endorsement....)

    I had a bit of a detour on building mine, though. I got the Gemini B capsule built, complete with added scratchbuilt detail, then sat back and realized that the whole thing, when done, was going to be a yard or more long. My display space is at a premium as it is, so I set that aside, photocopied the pieces at 75 percent, and now I'm building it in 1/32nd scale.

    For the pressurized and unpressurized sections of the laboratory and telescope, I'm using some artwork from Charles P. Vick as my guide. It'll be largely scratchbuilt, as the D7S stuff is kind of plain-Jane. You can check out the artwork here:

    I may deviate from the drawings a bit. Recent scholarship (and published articles) indicates that the telescope was a Hubble-like affair and not a reflecting-type structure as shown in Vick's drawings. The latter would be more interesting to build, while the former would be easier. As far as accuracy goes, who knows? The thing was never built and never flew. I corresponded with the author of a recent article on MOL -- in which the Hubble-ishness of the proposed telescope was discussed -- and he said I shouldn't rely on Vick's artwork for anything. I've not looked up Vick to write to him yet, but I do know that he generally has a fairly good reputation for digging out details on "secret" space projects.

    Edit: Here's the article the diagram accompanied:
    KH-10 DORIAN

    I tried posting the URL for the recent article that discussed the MOL, but the link appears to be broken, at least for now. It was in an online publication called www.thespacereview.com and if you can get it to work, perhaps you can search for "MOL" or "Dorian" or something like that.
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    I've finished the Gemini B portion of my MOL build. I took the D7S model, which is 1/24th scale, and re-sized it to 1/32nd scale, which I think will make the whole model easier to manage; it's still going to be long.

    I added some scratchbuilt detail to the capsule, particular on the nose, and a couple of other areas here and there. I still may go back and "tweak" a thing or two, but the capsule is mostly done.

    Now on to the Lab....

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    Your model is AWESOME as usual. Can't wait to see the pictures of your progress on this project.

    The Gemini era was so exciting, even for a 5 year old kid like me at the time. What a work horse. Not only were we making tremendous progress, but you could feel the anticipation of the build-up to the elegant Apollo program.

    Question: You've scaled down your Gemini model. Do you think it would be feasible to scale it up to 1:12?
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    Thanks for the kind words. The MOL will be the most daunting part of the project. Already, I can see using about three different types of metallic paper, and three or four other different kinds of paper on it. And the drawings I'm working from show a lot of little details here and there I'll have to scratchbuild.

    I don't know about scaling the Gemini model up. I'm not sure what that would do to the color, but I'm not an expert on that kind of thing. Color issues connected with scaling-up may be something I look at when I'm done with this, though, because the thought entered my head the other day that I should build an X-20 Dyna-Soar in the same 1/32nd scale to fly alongside the MOL. (Although the X-20 was canceled just as the MOL program was getting started, it'd still be cool to have the two together and a "what if" display.)

    I'd be using the X-20 that's out there offered by some Japanese designer (can't recall his name offhand) that comes in 1/48th scale, and if my math is correct, I figure if I photocopy it at 141 percent then I'll have a 1/32nd-scale model. (And feel free to correct me on my math, since numbers ain't my strong suit....) I imagine when I enlarge the copies, the color is going to look strange, so I'm not sure if the project is do-able or not. I may just enlarge the model pieces, then use them as templates to cut out pieces from black (or dark metallic) cardstock and scratchbuild a 1/32nd-scale X-20.
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    Never flew?

    According to the above mentioned Space Review article, there were 7 test flights and at least 6 mission flights. It states that all are still classified, so who knows if it flew or not.
    A friend of mine saw the Nova program that the article talks about. He said that the show said the Soviets had one and it had a 26mm cannon mounted on it.
    Crazy stuff.
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    Interesting. BTW any update on this model? I'd love to build it.

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    I don't have any update on my build; I put everything away for a move and haven't unpacked it yet. I guess I could get off my butt and get back to work....
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    please do!
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    I scaled up D7's Gemini to match the Mercury I had done from his collection. The color came out well and I didn't really have any problems.

    One day, I want to do a cut-away of the MOL. Cut-aways are really cool and it would be a very unique paper model. I have collected every bit of info I could.

    D7's model is great and will be a great start.

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    I'd love to do an MOL.

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