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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. George B

    George B Senior Member

    End of day report

    Just a quick end of day report. I managed to flip the LUT upright without ripping off any of the swingarms.......I'm doing good.:mrgreen:

    All level 0 cable trays, both vertical and horizontal, and the deck mounted enclosures are glued in place. It was a lot of work considering they really won't be seen way down there. But as I move up to eye level it'll be nice to have that consistent look of the trays all the way up.

    Until my next update,

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  2. David H

    David H Member

  3. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Cable trays .....again

    The poor LUT has been neglected because of the recent crawler build. About the only progress I've made on it is the installation of more cable trays which will be the norm for a while I'm afraid.


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  4. littlemodeler

    littlemodeler Member

    has anyone thought of doing the same thing with mike's 1:480 lut? that would be interesting having a crawler that small
  5. sergiotang95

    sergiotang95 Member

    Forgive my ignorance, but where did you get this? I want to try it out at sometime.
  6. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Can't have enough railings!

    Hi Guys,

    I got tired of looking at a "plain" MLP so against my best judgment I installed the perimeter railings. I run the risk of damaging them while working on the rest of the LUT, but I couldn't help myself. :mrgreen:


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  7. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    George, you are a true master. Your dedication and expertise continues to amaze me(Not to mention your patience...i woulda given up loooong ago :)). Keep the updates coming.
  8. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Next level Cable Tray details

    It's taken me a while to get to this stage but I've managed to compile enough info to design and install the horizontal cable tray on level 30 feeding up to level 60 and the UB Instrumentation & Control Distributor. It may not be 100% accurate but it'll have to do. On to the next one.


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  9. Well I have followed this from the start. I must have one. I just went on e-bay and they only have the 1:44. Are the graphics the same? I want to build the 1:96 for my Revell Saturn V? Also will you make any special design modifications available to the rest of us?
  10. George B

    George B Senior Member


    Tim, you may want to check now as he's informed me it has just been listed. Item #330168440019.
    And no, I am in no way affiliated with DM productions. :)

  11. George, I was referring to the trays you designed and any other special items you may have improved upon.

    I just checked it is not listed yet. I contacted the seller and he said he has one as you indicated.

    You have done a fantastic job so far. I too intend to build the crawler as you did.

    Current build: (in holding 1/4 Merc) Carl Hewlet Atlas/merc (waiting for instructions)
  12. George B

    George B Senior Member

    More cable trays

    Hey Guys,

    More cable trays have been installed along with a few more levels of horizontal trays. The first photo shows the horizontal trays at the various levels feeding all the deck equipment. Second photo simply shows the vertical tray installation progress. I've had to install a few additional pieces of deck equipment (Instrumentation & Control Distributor) to match up with the horizontal tray locations.

    That's pretty much it for now.

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  13. George:

    Are you willing to make available your own modifications? I purchased the model and would like to make the cable tray etc. you designed. along with any other changes to enhance the overall effect. I bought the 144 as I just couldn't afford the price he wants for the 1/96. So I will just blow it up to 1/96.
  14. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Level 140 cable trays

    Hi Guys,

    Here's a few photos showing another level of cable trays installed...hope to get a few more installed this weekend. Now that I'm working on level 160 and above, the LUT had to be moved off the table and onto the floor. Much more of a comfortable height to work at now.


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  15. londonbluemisty

    londonbluemisty Wayne P

    :thumb:Looking Great George!!:mrgreen:
    At least the more levels you complete the cable trays get fewer and fewer sign1
    There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
  16. George B

    George B Senior Member


    They do get fewer BUT they change into horizontal trays which have ends and curves and support brackets, all need to be scratch built. wall1
    But I do see the light.........I think.
  17. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Vertical cabel trays complete!

    Hi guys,

    Well I never thought I'd be saying this but, at last the installation of all the vertical cable trays is officially complete!
    My next step in this build is to design each of the remaining levels horizontal tray runs, some levels have multiple trays. This part of the build should be more enjoyable since no two are the same.

    Until next time,


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  18. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    Ok now..I am Officially jealous of this thing now...where'd you get it? and what scale was it? I am hoping I can get it and build it in 1/96 scale. Also, do the arms move freely? just so I know. can't wait to see it finished.
    Keep it up!!

  19. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    The model is available on EBAY in both 1:44 and 1:96 scale. I am currently building the 1:44 version, but George's puts mine to shame.

  20. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    George..Im officially annoyed at how cool this thing is....

    Great work

    John John

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