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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Domestic Authorities, that is a new one, I like it
  2. George B

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    Swing arm supports

    I've started work on the swing arm supports. They are measuring in at 48+ inches. It was a daunting task to get the folds right with such lengths but using the edge of the table to create my fold lines worked out nice. Now that they have dried overnight I see one has a very slight bow to it (in the center), but this can be fixed once mounted on the LUT. It's a simple matter of gluing each end first then using a straight edge to line it up then glue the center down...viola it's straight.


  3. Mercsim

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    Either you guys need to grow some stones (ha ha ha) or I really do have the greatest wife in the world!



    Hmm...I noticed I'm missing my aerospike...I'll fix that and get some better hi res photos on my site if anyone is interested...

    Not paper as we build here but they have lots of paper in them. The Redstone is covered with poster board (it has flown). The Explorer hanging is cardboard impregnated tubes. Some of the models on the shelf are paper, others are flying model rockets, mostly paper. There are many more models through out the house. These are just some photos I had on hand from something. I don't remember why I took them.

  4. George B

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    Yup that's beautiful!!!!! A rocket hanging from the ceiling. Ha, that won't happen in this house. :(
    Does your wife have a sister? :twisted:
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    My wife is always awed at the response from her co-workers (She is an Engineer) when they see a photo on her desk of one of my homebuilt airplanes in the living room. Her favorite response is "What kind of spouse WOULDN'T let you put your favorite toy in the living room? The airplane was temporary but the models are permanent. She sees them as just another decoration. If your wife wanted to put a new coffee table or one of those nic-nac racks in your living room, what would you say? My wife tells her co-workers my models truly are works of art and it would be a shame to hide them or not display them. Marriage is a partnership, get her to give a little. It's half your home...If I built the LUT and a SaturnV in 1:48 scale, it would go right inthe living room!. If it didn't fit, my wife would see it as an opportunity to buy a new house!

    She has drawn the line at the full size Mercury Capsule replica. She says it won't fit in the living room, but when I get it done, I can re-model the garage or we can buy a bigger house to find a special place for it!


    PS All 4 of her sisters are married; A Teacher, a Nurse, a Corporate Manager,and a Doctor of Biology. She is the only Enginerd.
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    Hi Mercsim,

    That's what I would call an "A-OK wife" :)
    Unfortunately, I cannot buy me an house nor anything else now to own myself...Too late, and here, the prices are way off for my pay. 400.000 bucks for an appartment with two rooms ?? frankly, I wonder how this folks survive to pay back and still buy cars, have three times a year holidays...
    As for my wife, she's no engineer but understands my interests...Beside of the
    cardboard models, I still make plastic planes ( you bet...NAVY planes ;-) of course ), at least I still have a big stack to start and finish LOL...
  7. George B

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    Addition Crane Details

    I decided to add additional railing details to the Colby Crane. I also decided I didn't like the solid lightning mast, so I'm going to re-draw it in PS then cut out all the openings.

    Work has also started on the swingarms. The swingarm support girder and receiver girders are all installed. I'll have more photos this weekend.

  8. causticphlegm

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    Man, that is some beautorious work.

    Just outta curiosity, are you planning on sealing this bad boy once you're done? If so, with what? I was looking in the paint dep't in walmart today for a sealer but quickly realized I had no idea what to use. :cry:
  9. George B

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    I'm sealing it for sure. I've tested Krylon Clear and seems to work well, except the paper fibers that stick out on sharp edges really show up and must be sanded ever so lightly before re-sprayed. It's going to be a daunting but very necessary task.
  10. Krylon is OK but it doesn't have UV protection. As I recall. All my paper models coated with Krylon are fading badly. From now on I use only UV rated clear coat. The kryon is good for the base coats as it is cheaper. But finish with UV protection.

    As for "Stones", mine shrivled up a long time ago. I am also an artist and have painted some very nice underwater scenes. She loves my work but not in her living room. All my paintings are relegated to my office which by the way is where all my models are as well. I have a great wife who has given far more than I have asked of her. When I became disabled she stepped up like nothing I have ever seen. So after 39 years of marriage, when she says, "Honey that is very nice but it doesn't go with our decor". I smile and say 'No problem". If she was an engineer she might feel differently but she is more of the decorator type. By the way she would be glad to buy another house where we could dedicate a whole section to my hobbies but houses are out of sight here too. So I just recycle my models and my art as I run out of room in my office. But hats off to Merc's wife. She sounds like a real keeper. By the way, I did win the garage about 10 years ago. That is where my wood shop is now.
  11. George B

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    Lightning Mast Replacement

    I completed re-drawing and cutting out the "new and improved" lightning mast. A light coat of glue tonight and hope to install it tomorrow evening.

    Until then..............

  12. George B

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    New and mproved Lightning Mast

    The new and improved lightning mast has been installed. I think it looks much better.


  13. causticphlegm

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    Very nice. Yeah, MUCH better. The other one just didn't belong considering the detail on the rest of it.
  14. Mark_1984

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    The detail here is awesome - I'd never have the patience to roll all those tubes....
  15. NYC Irish

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  16. George B

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    Swingarm #1 Gantry

    Hello everyone,

    Swing Arms #1 and #2 are installed along with the gantry leading to #1. I notice I made a big mistake with the previous gantry version so I ripped it out and re-built a new now (sigh). The stairs and gantry floor images were edited in Photoshop then I added my railings. I elected not to use the ones in the kit so as to keep the look all uniform. I'm getting closer to piping installation which is something I've been looking forward to, including detailing the Swing Arms. I have alot more studying to do to make sure the pipe runs are correct.

    Well this is where I'm at for tonight.



  17. George B

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    Swingarms #1,#2,#3, installation

    This weekend I was able to design, build and install Swingarm gantry #2. I also installed Swingarm #3 and I'm currently working on Ganrty #3. Things are progressing nicely.

    Close-up of Swingarm Gantry #2.


    Three Swingarms installed.


    LUT Progress up until now.

  18. NYC Irish

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    thats some great building

    John John
  19. milenio3

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    That is amazing to say the least!!!

    Great built, great details, and a great builder!!
  20. londonbluemisty

    londonbluemisty Wayne P

    You are turning a great build into a FANTASTIC build with all the finer detail and re-drawing extras you are making for your 1/60 L.U.T!!!!!
    A quick question?
    With your rescaling, are you printing onto 81/2" x 11" cardstock?
    Looking at all the photo,s it is very hard to tell where the joints are,especially on the swing arm supports??
    A credit to your modelling skills!!!!


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