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    I guess most people will have learnt that Lunde Studios are no longer making their built-up skyscrapers etc:cry: :cry: :cry:
    But they will start some kits next year :D :D :D

    If anyone has any Lunde buidlings to sell - please let us know!
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    Lunde Studios N Scale Buildings

    Hello....I've become pretty good friends with Bob and Lynn..they're really great people. I bought three of their N-Scale built-ups very early on...Bob made me a specially built First Left Bank with three street facades and only one rear facade...I'm sure you know that it was really a corner type building with only two street also had the Stump Tower building entrance...I sold it quite a while ago.

    I do have these two....see attachments....although I can't rememeber what the names were...the new signage is only attached with glue-stick adhesive and is easily removeable.

    I've begun the switch from N Scale to HO, so am planning to sell my two groupings of big city buildings. Let me know ifyou're interested...

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