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    I want to build a trestle bridge out of wood. This will be N scale. What size wood do i need. Will 1/8 square be to large? Or should it be 1/16? This will be my first attempt at this. Thanks Paul
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    One-eighth is 20", one-sixteenth is 10" (duh!). Off-hand I'd go with the 1/16, for no other reason than it would give more of the "spindly" look. You might also consider using round pieces, instead of square, for part of the construction.
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    I "requisitioned" a package of laboratory Q-tips from work. They have the cotton on only one end of the stick, which are wood and about 3/32" diameter (or 15" in N scale) and a good 4-5" long. That's my future trestle pilings (among other things....).
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    Thanks for the info and site. So when you build this bridge will you use plans or freelance?
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    I found some "planks" they are 1/16 x 1/4 x 5" what is that in N scale? I came up with 10" x40" x 66 ft is that right? Thanks. Paul
  7. billk

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    Close enough. 5" is actually 66'-8" but you'll probably be cutting them shorter anyhow.
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    Hi plbab

    1/16th is perfect for an N-scale trestle, make sure you use Hardwood not balsa. Here is an N-scale trestle off one of my old layouts.



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    Shamus that bridge is a work of art. Is that built from a plan or your own design? Paul

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