Lufthansa 737-500

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by zot, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Nothing

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    the site says and i quote"Importent note:

    You can to post this freeware (non-commercial) model on any site forum ect. but allways link to this page, never ever to the file itself.

    Thank you!!!"

    end quote
  2. It is a photo painted design. Actual photos blown up and pasted into the design program. Some of the detail is a bit fuzzy but overall it looks pretty good.
  3. yoanncr

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    anyone can sent file to me ?
    thanks !!!
  4. Nothing

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    pm me your addy
  5. redwolf28386

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    can you send me the file also?
  6. Anyone who wants me to send it should send me their e-mail. Contact me directly I don't have time to go searching for your e-mail.
  7. Anyone actually building this plane? if so how bout posting a thread?
  8. Kukanotas

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    Hello sir, do you still have that model? Dropped you an email few days ago, and still got no response.. :rolleyes:
  9. Kukanotas

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    Thank you very much! :thumb:
  10. zot

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    Hey's back up on the original site. Be gentle this time.:thumb:
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    It's been awhile since this link has been active, so I'm going to hijack it and do a build report. My current fleet of 737's have suffered massive hanger rash so I thought I could build this one up to get ready for Cybermac's 737.

    The instructions state that it is designed for A-4 paper. To get it to fit on the US Notebook size paper requires it to be shrunk to 44% the original size.

    The instructions are well made, showing in color the parts you will be working on for each assembly.

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