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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rcline, Feb 24, 2005.

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    First of all, I have been so busy lately that I haven't gotten any thing else added to "the solder shop", give me a couple more days and then I'll be back on it.
    Now, take a look at this and tell me if I did any good?
    Everything is Model Power so I don't expect much, but for the money, I think I did good. All the train engines are Bachman (I know 2 are), The coal hoppers have bottom dump doors that open and close. All trains have have kadee couplers,(all are magne-matic couplers), all the cars have steel wheels.

    44 buildings - 30 still new in boxs
    70 electric turn outs, L.H. and R.H.
    30 - 6 packs of figures
    10 - 3 packs of lighted streets lamps (30 lamps total)
    4 - 8 peices each of railroad signals
    4 - 2 peices each of lighted street clocks on poles
    10 - tractor and trailer rigs
    15 to 25 heavy equipment trucks, bull dozers, road graders, front end
    loaders, half track back holes, cement trucks
    100' of rail road cork bed
    10 or 12 packs of kadee magne-matic, spring loaded couplers
    2 - magne-matic height gauges
    1 - big box stuffed full of straight and curved track (still new in boxs)

    And I still have not finished going through the boxs! One box is 12" wide
    about 4" deep and stuffed full of flex track.
    The seller drove a hard deal, I got everything for $200.

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  2. rcline

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    A couple more photos

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  3. rcline

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    Oh !! I forgot to add the custom built 5' x 10' table with track mounted to it!
    Brenda just now found several trussel bridges, still new in box, and we are still digging!!
    A friend of mine heard an add on the swap shop program on the radio and called me and told me what he heard, he also got the number to call!
  4. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    What a haul! Methinks you have done a good deal!
  5. ausien

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    you little choo choo, you:D , did you do good or did you do good,:thumb: I`ll have half,;) half your luck that is, wish I could find a HARD deal like it... have a good one.. (but you already did)...steve..
  6. yellowlynn

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    Hah! I'll give $225 and pay shipping.

  7. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Now that's a bargoon in my books Randy
  8. Ray Marinaccio

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    Not a bad deal at all.
  9. rcline

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    Dang darn it, I just finished about a 300 word post telling every thing else that we found, I hit the enter key to post it, and lost it all ! Darn it! Anyway, One of the locos is an iten number 61600 EMD F9 Diesel and caboose (Bachmann), still sealed in box and it's price tag is $19.99. It turns out that all 4 engines are Bachmann and one of the little switchers says "B&O" on the side and under that it has the number 1967. I was wondering if that might be the year that all this stuff was made because all the electric turn outs are priced at $2.99 each. There are 3, 2-story haunted houses, new in the boxs that are priced at $4.99 each. Also I noticed that all the kits have lights and the windows slide up and down and the doors open and close. The kits all appear to be really nice kits and I thought Model Power was the cheap-o stuff. Every kit is a nice kit! ( It really blows my mind!)
    We ended up digging through 14 good size boxs and found all kinds of stuff that the seller didn't tell me about. Like ending up with a total of 82 electric turn outs, both left and right. 30 building kits still sealed in the boxs and 14 were put together. 18 little boxs of 9" straight track and 14 little boxs of 18" Rad. curve. The really funny part, not one transformer at all! Oh! The packs of HO street lamps, ( 3 to a pack and lighted) were priced at 99 cents each. So how old do you think all this stuff is? Well, enough of my drooling for now, there is still some little boxs of stuff that we have not gone through yet. We found the little boxs in the bottom of two of the big boxs, I'm acting just like a little kid at X-mas time all over again! Wow, Brenda just now came out and said that she found a little box with what looks like about 1 or 2 hundred sliding windows and doors that open and are mounted in the door frames. This is getting better by the minute! Well I better go for now, it's back to box diving time again.
  10. jetrock

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    Sweet! One thing I recommend is going through the boxes and finding everything that you want/need, and then setting aside the rest until the next train show. Get a booth and sell everything off--if possible at fire-sale prices, but priced so you can pay for the cost of the stuff and a moderate profit. I got a similar "score" last summer, and after going through it to get the things I wanted, I realized there were many very nice items which I didn't want to keep. Did a train show earlier this month, with those items plus some stuff that was clogging up my workbench--paid for my original investment and the table fee three times over, and sold pretty much everything the first day to boot!

    Plus, running a booth at train shows is FUN.

    Great score, though...the kind of thing to keep an eye open for!
  11. guppyman

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    I bought a similiar box of stuff from a guy for $100 (Not nearly as many goodies as you got though). I sold of the Bachmann locos that came in the box on Ebay... and more than got back my money (It's amazing how much people will pay for cheap stuff).

    Great suggestion on selling off the stuff you don't want

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