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    I have read on this board about oil and grease that is safe for plactic. What are some brands you use for lubricating your engines. Are there ones you can get at a hardware store, or is there speical ones only from hobby store? Thanks
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    Hi again plbab,

    Grease ...... Hmmm, only time I've had the need was to pack an Atlas turntable's motor drive grear train to quiet it down. I used Vasoline for that.

    Oil.............. I only use two types:-

    1) Atlas "Conducta Lube Cleaner" for lubricating motor comutators and brushes. It's an exceptionaly thin oil fully plastic compatible.

    2) LaBelle 102 gear oil, it has a higher viscosity than I expected and seems similar to high pressure (hypoid) oil used in auto gear boxes but not as thick. It seems to stick to gears rather than run off them. It works very well in quieting down gearbox noises. It's also plastic compatible.

    Although both ar expensive for the amount of oil you get, they last forever it seems, but best of all they have blind hypodermic needes on the phials they are supplied in. This provides for exceptionally accurate placing of the oil. They are well worth the price.

    All in all, I really only need the LaBelle oil, as it does everything in this hobby that needs oiling.

    If I didn't have those I would probably use sewing machine oil. But first I would put some on old sprues from a plastic kit and leave it for a couple of days to test compatibility.

    Hope this help you.

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    Plbab, On my steam engines I use a high temp. white grease on all the drive rods internal axel bearings. I tried oil on these but it seems it all gets wiped of, the grease seems to stick. On the parts I do oil I use sewing machine oil. the type I have is sold by Singer, both oil and grease do not hurt the plastic or paint!
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    LaBelle Lubricants

    Labelle markets a full line of plastic compatible oils and grease.

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