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    Hi guys - I'm really stumped by this one...... I received this e-mail today, not only have I never heard of the "I.P. Morris Department" I never knew BLH in Eddystone made LST's. Anybody have any more info - e-mail him back Please..

    Thanks !! ~~ Mikey
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am involved, voluntarily, in the refurbishing of the steering controls of an LST that was brought back to the United States in January of 2001. This ship was returned to 29 former WW II sailors by the Greek government. These men used their own monies to bring the ship back to the states under it's own power. Average age of the men was 72 years young.

    I have some drawings for the steering motor and controlls, but I need some more help. The drawings are titled as originating from "I.P. Morris Department, Baldwin-Southwark Division, The Baldwin Locomotive Works, Eddystone, PA.". They are dated July 7, 1942. Can anyone help me with some additional information on this equipment.

    The motor was manufactured by Crocker-Wheeler, parts for the controller are shown to be Cutler-Hammer and Sperry. Purchase Order No. LST/G&C-1, LST 542 Class. BU No. LST 542-S2200-279225. Other numbers available if needed.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Jack Flannigan
    USS Northampton CLC-1, 1954-1958

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    I know Baldwin built tanks at Eddystone so it is possible that they built other items for the military. I wish my father was still alive because he would have been working there at that time. I am trying to think of any of any family friends that may know.

    Are Baldwin's records at Hagely Library in Wilmington? I know they have many records from companies that where in the area that went out of business.
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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your ideas :) I already forwarded the e-mail to the RR Museum of PA where some of the records are kept. I don't thing "Hagley" has anything on the subjesct - theyr records are up until 1915 - 20 - But I'll forward it there too..

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    Hi Mikey, I don't know if Baldwin made complete LST's or not but like so many other companies during WWII they probably converted to make various things for the military and were possibly a supplier of some components for the LST's. Ford actually made jeeps and Lionel made bomb sights for bombers....the only trains they made until after the war were paper cutouts!!!:eek:

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