lowboy, tractor, trailer, tanker, escavator, available.

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by jleslie48, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Is the site down?

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    it mustve seen u coming josh :lol:
    iddl be back
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    Sorry to pull up a really old thread but...

    I'm looking for reference images to color these models.


    ^^What model Scania is this ... or it even a Scania?


    ^^Are these Scanias as well and if so which models?


    ^^I spent almost an hour today trying to find references for this crane


    Any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated. :-D

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    Damn ... I put 6 wheel cranes and didnt get as much. Nice G-Dub. :wink:

    Any leeds on the tractor trailers? :twisted:

    We have a company here with one that I used to call for jobs ... Sagadore, but I have never had the chance to go and check it out since it's behind fencing. Maybe I can get permission to take some snaps with my bud's camera.
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    **Realized this is a swingout cab for the crane module...**
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    The Single Tractor is a MAN TG-A XXL.... as per title of the PDF but the cab isnt suggestive of the XXL model which is a larger cab with an overhead so I would guess it an L model.

    I feel kinda dumb now. =o

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Steve and all,

    Well, the photos of the crane were easy enough to come by, however, I am not up on my tractor trucks such as "MAN tractors".
    You were however correct in stating it was a swing out cab for the crane, the reason I know this is that I rented one of these cranes recently for the transformer factory I work at. We had a piece of machinery that had been in the plant for yrs and needed to be removed to make way for a new piece of equipment. The problem was we had added onto the factory back in 1991 and found that it was no longer impossible to remove this machine thru normal means. So we got "creative" . Currently, the replacement machine is being placed it its final resting place in the factory......I hope I am retired by the time they decide to remove this new piece of equipment lol.
    As for help with the tractors, try google images.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

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