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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by E, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. E

    E New Member

    Looking to move from the trainer to something a little more aerobatic. I'm wanting a low wing plane. What would be a good pick for a first time low wing? Open for suggestions.


  2. rich141

    rich141 New Member

    look at post by rich 141 on the fun star 40 by phenix.sold by tower hobbies $109.00 its a grate flying 2ed plane.grate looks and nothing is as docile landing as this one.
    Rich 141
    galveston texas
  3. Steve M

    Steve M Member

    The SIG 4-Star 40 and 4-Star 60 are superb low wing sport aircraft. The 60 size kit is laser cut and builds very easily.
  4. rich141

    rich141 New Member

    I forget to mention that the fun star is a ARF at $109.00
    i have have a something extra 40 ARF that i still have and fly regularly it at a cost of $199.00 my first kit was a for stare 40.witch its demise was due to a uesd" aileron servo that went bad.I agree bouth sig kits are builder frindly.my experance is a kits can hardly be built for the price of there ARF counter parts.discounting the building time.both sig planes are grate flying planes and verry aerobatic.there lading characteristics are nothing to compair with the slow lading ability that the thick wing of the fun star.it gives it a uncanty abilty for slow landings.in a little wind it can almost be hoverd down over the run way.it makes it a grate first low wing plane.the only exception for it is the wire landing gear of the fun star'it should be replaced with alumanum type.but lading that plane just makes gigle.and look real cofadent.
  5. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    They are a bit more money but the Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 is a really good 2nd type sport plane. At full throttle the thing flys like a rocket. Throttle it down and it will hover in a breeze or come in for a landing at walking speed! This is one of the planes that you can do lots of stuff with without getting the feeling that its going to stall and crash on you.
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