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  1. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Picture taken by my daughter at Border Kentucky.
    Now that's a good example of weathering for us model railroaders.
    Same railroad, different colour scheme.
    Can anyone tell me more about this railroad?
  2. Drew1125

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    Hi Robin!
    You're getting into my neck of the woods now!
    I'm not familiar with "Border", KY... but I am somewhat familiar with the L&I. I think what your daughter might have meant was that the scene in the picture is CLOSE to the border with IN, &KY (the Ohio River) I'm pretty sure the picture is actually taken in Jeffersonville, IN. There's a yard, & small engine service facility there.
    The L&I is a short line that connects Louisville with southern IN., & is mainly a bridge line between the Paducah & Louisville (another local short line) CSX, & Norfolk Southern.
    The trackage used to be the Pennsy's line into Louisville, & it crosses a mile-long through-truss, & deck-girder span that crosses the Falls of the Ohio, & the Portland Canal. (there's a vertical-lift span over the canal.)
    They have an interesting assortment of older diesels, alot of ex-IC stuff, & even some from the old L&N. (a year or so ago, I saw a couple of RS-3's at the yard!) I'm not sure, but I believe both those engines in your picture are old "Paducah re-builds" from the Illinois Central...possibly what they refered to as a GP10.
    Another cool thing is that a few hundred yards north of where I think that picture was taken, is (or was...I haven't been up there for a while) an old brick Pennsylvania interlocking tower. The last time I saw it iot was in a state of total decay :(
    I'll see if I can get up there & get some pictures, & put them on here.
    Does your daughter live in the area?
  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Thanks for all the interesting data Charlie. I hope to get to visit some of these places myself some day.
    My daughter accompanies her husband who drives a truck for Arnold Bros out of Winnipeg Manitoba. They get trips that have taken them from Denver to New Jersey and from Calgary to Montreal. The tractor they drive has what is called a condo with sleeping quarters, a fridge, microwave and a TV. My daughter enjoys photography and is kind enough to take pictures of railroads for me. Their home base is here at Milton Ontario about ten minutes away so we get to see them about once a month as they pass through.

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