Lots of model piracy

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    Well dang it, I will then! :)
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    This is a really old thread and these arguments are even older and tired.
    1) Aliexpress, Alice Papermodels, sells models to a country that for the most part does not have "FREE" access to the Internet. Nothing that these companies do in China, Burma, or some other more restrictive policies will ever effect you because you NEVER would have made a penny off of them.

    2) Buddhist Monks always destroy their mandala's when they are finished, they probably smiled realizing that the woman had done them a service.

    3) If you make a painting, drawing, model, anything from "Sikorsky", they cannot do a damned thing about it because, if you are an American citizen, your tax paying dollars give you a right to do this, this was tried many many years ago. So there is no argument there.

    3) I have personally been in contact with the woman in charge on Canon's Models, and I know her by name. They don't give a rat's butt by whoever does whatever with their models. It is a big advertising write off. People are stealing their commercials.

    4) If you make a paper model, and put it out on the Internet for all to have, then you threw it to the wind, and there is not a thing you can do about it. It is naive to think you can.

    5) You can copy a car part by part, and even sell that car, as long as you don't call it a "whatever". What do you think that does as far as protection for your paper model. This was told to me by a Honda representative (a family member works for Honda), as long as their trademark never appears, there is nothing they can do about it. You can sell it as a bundle of parts, no recourse for them. That's one reason all the cars are starting to look alike.

    6) A model that is distributed freely and is freely available can be copied to a CD or DVD or Flash Drive, etc., and as long as the price is reasonable, for the price of the Memory Device, and a small reasonable fee for you time in burning it, it is NOT a crime. Sorry guys, but that is the way it is in the U.S. you would have to have on the .PDF the restrictions you place on on the file, and would have to prove damages to a "CIVIL" judge as this is a civil breaking of the law, not a criminal breaking of the law, so it is not a crime. It may or may not break civil law, but try and show a judge how something you give away freely hurts you buy some charging a couple of bucks for a CD and a couple of bucks for burning time, does you damage, causes you damage damages you in anyway shape or form. The case would not even be heard.

    7) Only copyrighted materials have any actionable legal regress. Free stuff is free. Being pissed that someone other than you did not make the money doesn't cut it. You are giving it away for freely anyways. For those who gave away their models and decided to start selling them, they have no recourse, as they will never be able to prove how that model was obtained.

    8) Those opinion I expressed, (not all are opinions), are my opinions. Lawyers and courts can't agree on this stuff and it won't happen here.

    Some will argue points that I have made, agree or disagree, but this thread is closed. Not because of anything that anyone said, only because it is a "Dead Horse" that has been beat enough. You make a model and want "some" people to have it. Only give it to a couple of people you trust. I have some beauties that were gifts and I cannot tell you how many people have asked me for a copy, but the answer is "NO" and "Don't ask again".

    To all of you who fill this hobby with your incredible models, the ceaseless hours you put into it, you may never know the joy you give to people who find these Gems and find them FREE. You make the world a much better place. Someday you will be rewarded for what you give, and already are, with this better world. :)
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