Lots of model piracy

Discussion in 'Off Topic - Card Modeler Lounge' started by Paragon, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That "closed group" thing is happening a lot. I belong to some of those forums, but have really posted in them. It's tempting. We have an excellent group of people here now. If it wasn't because we keep getting more, it would be a tempting option, but that isn't my call, so no worries, I'm just the bouncer. :)
  2. fernandico

    fernandico New Member

    well guys what can a say only that a feel sorry for you, after all that hard work, the only thing that recomend to do is actually contact paramount or cbs they are the ones who own star trek and they are the ones that have the copyrights for all this ships, but if you made a designed based on the star trek universe and if it was for your personal use (there is no problem) but this other guys who are profiting from your work and also with the trademark of star trek well thats a nice law suit......... I know a little bit about this things......good luck
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    I would agree if the designer was getting his fair share of the proceeds. Which they arent. Nor are they getting any credit.
  4. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    I wonder how Thunderchild would feel about his SDF-1 going for $38
  5. Vince

    Vince Member

    I haven't yet bought a model...there are too many free ones out there! I have been tempted by a couple out there, but I would only buy from a site I know (like FG or Ecardmodel). Maybe I haven't said it enough, but to all you guys & gals out there with more talent than me, and the generosity to share it with a simple paperkiller like me, I salute you :wave: and thank you. I've been working on my first design for a year now, and just don't have the time or energy to crank it out. And when I do have time, I'm distracted collecting model downloads. I've got more free models downloaded than I'll build in the rest of my life, and more show up every week!
  6. loenf

    loenf Member

    When I search at this *+#>~* - Site for "Enterprise" I see 5 pictures I was taken from models I built and posted them in this forum. I never give anybody permission to use the pics in that way (even somebody asks me I would not! These model are free!) The next pictures I post in any forum will have a watersign! It's a raw deal to use photos made by myself for this purpose.

    regards loenf
  7. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    That's a good idea. I was thinking the same with my models. However, anyone with some basic knowledge of Photoshop or Gimp could be able to remove the water mark and restore the image.

    Recently I found out that My Colonial One was featured on a paper model news site. I don't have anything against such sites, but in this case they not only gave wrong credit but linked to a mediafire link which I didn't approve. I asked them to revise the entry but I haven't heard from them ever since.

    Some of my models have been stolen, too. The only safe way to distribute a model would be direct distribution; people send you a mail and you give them the files directly. However, that would turn any fan -even the innocent ones- into a potential suspect. And after a while the procedure would be quite difficult to handle.
  8. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Yup, I noticed the SDF-1 on there last year, along with my Mass Effect models.

    Sadly, even before this particular site came along, piracy of my Robotech/Macross models in the past was widespread. After the "middle-finger-letter" I received as a reply from one spanish Robotech site, I stopped releasing the Robotech Macross models.

    Let me just add something positive too:
    To all the honorable papermodel sites who provide a link to my download pages, the blogspots like tektonten, paperkraft.net, mypapercraft.net and of course the great guys over at paper-replika, to name a few, I give my most sincere thanks, you have my support 100%!
  9. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    What can we say? your famous. Sucks though, and i wish they would at least give you credit
  10. Spartacus

    Spartacus Member

    This is pretty terrible. Hasn't anyone contacted the host company?
  11. greatmoose

    greatmoose New Member

    It sucks, but sadly there's not much you can do (other than lock down access to your models with pay for passwords or something), but then, what's the point?
  12. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member


    With free paper models, you always run the risk of someone thinking that they can make a profit off your work, because you were "dumb" enough to release it for free.

    I've seen my 1:48 Moldy Crow model on a Chinese site, with my Incredible Cross-Sections painting used as the cover art, no less. It's rather flattering that my fan-art was chosen for that purpose over official Lucasfilm art, but I'm still rather miffed that they pirated my work.

    However, I take solace in the fact that it doesn't take much intelligence to know that there are free versions of many models, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy realm, so if people are dumb enough to pay actual money for something they can get, legally, for free, then they get what they deserve. This is the Information Age, and all it takes is a quick Google search for "free paper model" to see that there are THOUSANDS of free options out there.

    There's really not much I, as a designer, can do to protect my work once I release it in cyberspace. Sure, I can put a lock on a PDF, but there are ways around that. And besides, a lot of models are released as Pepakura files in the first place, which has no security features I'm aware of, and even if it did, as I said, all it takes is for the pirate to make a copy of the work and remove the restrictions.

    So really, the only options are to either continue releasing them for free and put up with the injustice of piracy, or else stop releasing altogether.

    The latter option doesn't appeal to me. There are a lot of designs from many TV shows, movies and games that deserve a model kit made of them, and I know many fans of said shows and games would appreciate those models. I also feel that since I have the ability many lack to create my own paper models that I should use that ability to benefit others. It would be unfair and incredibly selfish of me to be able to make models but not release the kits to the people who want them just because I'm afraid of piracy. The only thing piracy really hurts is my sense of justice when my work gets stolen. I still have the orginal files, I still have the praise from the people who appreciate my work, and I still have the knowledge that my work was, frankly, worth stealing in the first place. So in that light, I think it's worth putting up with piracy in order to bring a little joy into other people's lives.

    Those who do good run the risk of being taken advantage of, but if nobody did good for fear of those who do evil, then this would be a dismal world indeed.
  13. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    I have deducted, that there are some pirates who are also members of this forum as well. The reasoning behind my accusation is, My Warhammer landing craft can be found on a pirate site. I have made mentioned, that I do not place my instructions with my freebies and you would have to be a member of this site and the other one I subscribe to, in order to follow the build thread. Lo and behold, they have my model with the build tutorial, (Only the photos not the comments). This means, that whoever placed my model on the pirate site, had to go through the whole build thread and copy all of the photos so as to build it. This is still not too bad but the commentaries are not included and they specify as to how to accomplish some of the details. Only way to accomplish this, is to become a member here or at the other site. So we do have some individuals who accomplish this, but at least they have placed them for free which is what I intended in the first place but not so nice for those who have place their models for sale and now they are free to the public and deprived them of a just pay for work accomplished.
  14. DWest

    DWest Member

    Just a thought but what about a site or sites that list the free models and how to search for them, many people are unaware that so many amazing models can be had for free. If that could somehow be done it might stop folks from buying some of the models from these crooks. Sadly this type of thing will never be fully stopped but maybe if enough modelers were made aware of the free models and how to search the net for them then as sales dropped many of the crooks would lose interest. Ok, this is just my 2 cents worth and I'm done now.
  15. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    I just started papermodeling little over a month ago.
    When you type papercraft in google you get tons of links to free papermodels. I started with nothing, within two weeks I had downloaded more models then I'll ever be able to build.
    There are allready sites that summ up a great deal of free models and I found then easily while I never searched for it before.
    Milleniumfalshood is right, this is the informatioin age and you don't have to put in to much effort to find the free models that you want.

    I agree with you though, this whole thing is sad and disgusting but I don't think there is way to stop this, they will always find new ways to rip other people off.

    Cheers and all the best,
  16. Spartacus

    Spartacus Member

    I'm in exactly the same place you are, ShadowHawk. A couple of months ago I stumbled across a "Ten Amazing Things" type list, one of them was a papercraft AT-AT. It was in the back of my mind, but was busy doing T-shirts via stencils. After them I just Googled around and now have enough models to keep me going for five years.

    I can't understand anyone ordering models online. One thing I've noticed and that bothers me though, when some model designers find out they've been pirated they pull their models from the Internet. Some hide them away, others only send them out to their friends.

    Ironically enough this means the only place you can now get their designs is from the fee-demanding pirates!!
  17. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Isn't it amazing how often it is that the knee-jerk reaction hurts more people than it helps? :rolleyes:
  18. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Something that occurred to me is that the pirates think exactly the same way as spam email writers. They don't need everyone and their dog to buy their wares. Just a few people. And there are statistically at least a few people out there who a stupid enough to buy a model that can be had for free. So it works. It's not a huge empire; it's people fishing for a few idiots who are dumb enough to bite their hooks.
  19. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I notice he's real quick to slap "Alice Paper Model" on any image. Certainly doesn't want anyone stealing from HIM.

    There is a small link at the bottom where you can complain about intellectual property theft. Of course you have to set up an account first.

    You could always sic Paramount on them. Their lawyers are pretty nasty. Of course, they'd probably come after everyone else then, too.
  20. blaar

    blaar Member

    Not to be an ass, but many of the models does not even belong to the artist who made the paper model.

    He/she took some one else idea / creation and turn it into a paper model and I can guarantee you in most cases the author (creator of the paper model) did not ask permission from the relevant license holder or person to whom the artwork belongs.

    So really most of the paper model creators can't complain when their models are being pirated when in fact they pirated the model from some one else in the first place. Only difference is the pirate is making money out of the paper model.

    Many will say it is not pirating but if you take something from some one else without asking permission then it still remains stealing / pirating even if you credit the original artist(s). Surely this rule does not apply to some free licensing models but most of the models from Star Wars to Star Trek to models seen in movies etc are all licensed.

    So really those paper model creators who complain about their work being sold really can't complain if they did not obtain the rights legally from the original creator / license holder because the model never was their own to begin with.
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