Lost Frontier Guard Tower

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by larrymax, Nov 28, 2004.

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    Hi Gang. Well, Now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! For the Thanksgiving Holiday...I decided to take a little side trip from Cleopatra! I've had this model lurking on my hard drive for quite a while! Back when I downloaded it, it was a freebie...now, it costs $6.00. Timing is everything, eh! It was a fun build, about 8 hours total build time. It's the "Lost Frontier Guard Tower" from www.fantasycutouts.com.

    They have a new free model , of a "Hovel" to introduce visitors to their models. Looks easy and cute. An excellent model for beginners. I downloaded and printed it out, but ended up giving it to one of my nephews this weekend. I figure I can always get another, and I might get a new person into card modeling!

    Anyway, The Guard Tower is meant for gaming and has many removable parts. Each floor has a removable wall section to see inside....and each floor is removable from the next, and, there's a little Dungeon with a "Hidden Chamber" holding a Scarry Monster! Fun stuff.... Definitely worth the $6.00 if you're into gaming...the artwork is wonderfull, and the fit and finish of all the inter-connecting parts is very good!

    Enjoy the pics.


    I hope you all had a wonderfull Thanksgiving!

    Captain HMS Cleopatra
    Paper Navy of the Bear Flag Republic
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    I have built this one myself. And it is a fun project.
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    Lucky you, I don't remember it being a free download. I first heard of this model when Leo Hurtos (the designer) announced it in the papermodels smartgroup back in 2002 and it was already a $6 kit. I bought it immediately, though, because at that price it looked like a terrific bargain.
    Still haven't gotten 'round to building it yet :?


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