Looking for two Japanese models

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  1. PaperRonin

    PaperRonin Member

    Don't know if it's free or commercial, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    Found this page a little while ago:

    Seems that someones dad (72 yo!) created a Harry Potter Hogwarts and a Spirited Away 'Aburaya' papercraft! (Both are just AWESOME!)

    The Aburaya is said to be published, but I cannot find it anywhere and the only reference I get leads to the same page, or a fanpage of 'spirited away'

    Any of you seen, know where to get. or have these models perhaps??
  2. PaperRonin

    PaperRonin Member

    Beautifull as well as unknown I see ;)
    Too bad, I'll have to search for it myself then!
  3. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    I have heard that Hogwarts is a one-off scratchbuild. Hope not as the pictures I saw were magnificent. Too bad I didn't bookmark it at the time.
  4. tikitiki_m

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