looking for some help with the U.S.S RHODE ISLAND

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by radar*293, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. radar*293

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    I'm new to the paper models and i cant figure out how this all goes together, i was hoping someone has builtthis before and might be willing to lend a helping hand...any help will be grately aprecated..i've been pondering this for days now..I cant figure out where and how the nacell pylons attach and i cant figure out why i have a gap behind the deflector dish...and what goes there to fill it in

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  2. 22point8

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    I've not attempted this model, but I've been building the USS EQUINOX from planetstarfreak.de and its quite easy, the only hard bit seems to be the 'spine' for lack of a better word, its only 4 pages of A4, a big size and structurally strong. Here's a failed attempt from when I had colour ink. By the way, if you ever run out of colour ink, you can use a photo program to do a line drawn version.

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  3. radar*293

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    thanks for the help... maby i'll try this one insted... it looks much biger anyways...


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