looking for simple but fun switch layout (ho)

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Dansco, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Dansco

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    Hey all,
    I had my older brother over to help with a bathroom remodel / Christmas vacation etc.. anyway, I caught him several times down stairs working (ok, playing) on my little layout. I set up a random switch puzzle and he relay enjoyed it! He said he could really get into this, but hes too "mobile" construction being what it is, he is frequently living in hotels etc for extended periods (at least 6 months of the year) etc.. anyway, Id like to surprise him with a simple, portable switching layout that he could take with him in the work truck. I can do the wood work, nice durable case etc. what I need are some proven fun 18" x n" switching layout ideas. Iv noted in reading different articles that there might be an official "game" layout that would be just perfect.. any pointers?

  2. rogerw

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    Hey dan. Have you thought about doing a N gauge layout?
  3. nachoman

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    There's always the "timesaver". Just goodle John Allen Timesaver.

  4. Nomad

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    Google inglenook trackplans also.

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  7. MasonJar

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    While you are on google, try "Mike's Small Trackplans" too.

    Take a look through the Modular forum as well. There's lots you can do with a pair 18" to 24" by 36" to 48". A pair will also box together nicely for transport. The standard we use at www.hotrak.ca is 2'x4' module pairs that box up to 2x4 x 16". Not really small, but small enough to be in the back of a truck.

  8. 60103

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    Inglenook is probably the best on a fun/complexity ratio. Only two switches, one loco and six cars. The only critical part is making the sidings the proper length for your cars.
  9. Dansco

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    Lots of good feedback,
    I think a timesaver or inglenook is going to be right...

    The game is just great

    Thanks everyone

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