Looking for Roland Payen PA-100

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by smoolie671, May 2, 2010.

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    I have looked everywhere. I'm wanting to do the PA-112 for a small sci-fi-esque diorama to go along with several Colonial Vipers. I have always thought it looked like a vintage era Viper. Can anyone help?
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    I just found this site and this question today.

    I don't speak very good in english, but i know and have a little about Payen and the Pa.100 (links, drawings, photos, ...)

    My Payen's topic in french about Payen (not finished) :


    My Payen's topics (one in partnership) in english (older) :


    If i can help
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    DeWayne Barnett's site used to sell a kit (PA-22) but the site hasn't been updated in years. This is a more streamlined version of the PA-100, but could easily be modified. You could try contacting the designer (Roman Vasyliev) directly:


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