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    One thing to consider is whether palm trees go with your intended scenery. Palm trees were popular in California from the early 1900s on, but if you are planning on modeling a state like New Mexico or Arizona, very desert-like, you should think more of cactus than palm trees.

    The Heljan station is closer to what is called Mission Revival architecture, inspired by California missions--kind of different from "pueblo" architecture, a native style utilizing adobe and adapted by Spanish, the Mission Revival buildings are largely relatively modern structures (late 19th Century to the present day) and tend to feature things like stucco construction, low-slung tile roofs and arched windows. Many railroad companies built Mission Revival style stations in the Southwest and California, in order to capitalize on the history of the region.

    As to building these buildings--yeah, you're probably going to have to scratchbuild a lot. There are commercially available sheets of plastic "ceramic tile" roof material, and the walls are pretty simply made out of plastic. Pick up a book or two on Mission style architecture to get a sense of how the buildings go together and you'll be on your way...
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    Wow...we've resurrected an oldie here! :cool:

    Here's an idea...I've used this to represent concrete walls, & don't see whay it wouldn't work for stucco/adobe walls...use the walls from any plastic kit...simply turn them around, using the smooth back side for the outside...you'll have to sand/file off any molded-in details (part #'s, etc...) & you'l have to do some trimming/filing on the ends to get them to mate properly...Window & door castings should work just fine as intended...
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    One thing to keep in mind with Pueblo architecture is that since it is originally made with adobe bricks covered with a clay plaster, you wont see sharp 90 degree corners anywhere on a building. All of the corners both vertical and horizontal will be kind of rounded off. It won't be a lot, maybe a curve with a diameter of less than 1 inch on a full size building.

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