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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Sticky Fingers, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Yes I have gone to the sites in the reference scetion. I'm looking for more than just three view drawings. Line drawings that show cross sections at variuos points along the wings, fuselage and tail. Specfific bird I'm looking for is a Handley-Page Victor. Thinking about doing the nose section as it is displayed at various RAF bases in the UK. To me its a damned shame they scrapped them or were they reaching the end of the airframes life? To me its always been one of the most attractive of all the large military jet aircraft

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    If you find the plans please do not stop at just the nose.

    There is a complete airframe at Duxford which is part of the Imperial War Museum they may supply information.

  3. Barry, I really didn't mean to stop at the nose just don't know if I'm up to doing the whole airframe, especially the wings around the enigne bays. I'll try the IWM. I'm even tempted to pick up a Revell/Germany Tanker version on 1/72 just for the dimensional date

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