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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by ltang, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. ltang

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  2. Hi,
    I'm a designer, but I would like to know who's asking and why... ;)
  3. 46rob

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  4. George

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    Have a look...



    And I would think that they need help designing models...
  5. Willja67

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    I'm currently designing the F2G Corsair (slowly) and am intending to sell it and have been wondering about the process of distributing it, and would appreciate any info I can get on the process.

    I also designed Airwolf (see Airwolf Beta Builders wanted thread) just to give you an idea of what I can do.
  6. keith

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    willja67 - i'm in the same position. can't afford a website till i start selling, can't sell till i get a website.
    Came up with the solution of using my ISP webspace to showcase the models and then use paypal via email, that way you could email your password protected PDF to customers once you have received payment. That would get you started.

    Maybe you could be cheeky and ask NOBI to sell it for you on a commission basis?


    P.S. Sheila is an excellent designer :)
  7. nebeltex

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    WJ, K,
    the best way to get off the ground is to start with a product line. that means more than one model to offer for starters. likely about half a dozen may keep your income slightly above expenses (this is relative to scale/price). paypal integration will be a part of that equation for many. if you still wish to offer one or two to start with, chat with nobi (thaipaperworks) or marcus (wings of horus). as far as the design offers for the site, it looks to me like they offer some nice things, especially for educational purposes. i've heard good buzz about their models, though i think they are a bit "mission heavy" but this may have been the foundation for their product line. the prices are a bit more than i would pay but if they sell, more power to 'em, and a likely reasonable cut for "guest" designers. one thing though. each designer, especially the little ones, should try and do everything they can to retain ALL the rights to their creations. this means that if you should decide, in the future, to go your own way, you can cancel or suspend distribution on other sites and reap the full rewards.... all the best of luck to you guys.
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    You have been in Germany a mighty long time!!!:shock:

    Just a quick joke Mr. Pleiner
    No offense intended.:grin:

  9. Uuhpps! . . . . not since 198 . . . of course not . . .
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