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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Mace, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Hiya fellow cardmodelers,

    Here in Holland we've got a national holiday called Sinterklaas (same idea as Santa Claus, but different in some ways). Because of the holiday we want to do something with the kids here at the office. Since we've got plenty of paper, I thought that building papermodels would be a nice idea :)

    So I'm looking for a papercity (complete with cars) that's constructable by kids ranging 5 through 9 years. I found the Crafttown from Canon but these have English names and aren't editable (password protected).
    I'm kinda hoping that someone here knows other paper towns/cities so we can give these kids something to do.... since there 27 of them I'm trying to prevent mayhem from happening :D

    THANKS for any links

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    Here is a site where a place in Germany made paper models of the buildings in their town. There are no cars, but you might be able to find some simple car models and rescale them to fit. :)

    German Village
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    THNX Everyone... I think we've got several really nice models here...
    I'll show them to the collegues and we'll pick a couple to print.

    I just knew you guys would help me out :)

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